Summer Chic Shorts Feature Photo. Photo Credit: Always Uttori.

Uttori Fashion: 5 Summer Fun to Chic Shorts Looks

Uttori Fashion: 5 Summer Fun-to-Chic Shorts Looks

We’re almost done with our fashion rewind, and I have to admit that it has been fun revisiting these summer shorts looks. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been all that warm and sunny where I am. In fact, we’ve had almost non-stop rain in Minnesota. Still, the weather has to change at some point, right? Although I’ve had little opportunity to wear shorts this summer, looking at them from the perspective of the fashion world, they are a sort of interesting phenomena. Let’s just be honest, shorts often get a bad rap for being too casual, yet the reality is that shorts are popular for a very good reason. They’re perfect for beating the summer heat and they are versatile enough to be either casual or high fashion. So break out the sunshine and throw on your favorite shorts looks.

When we first shared these summer looks, they were published as spring transition styles, but now that summer is finally here, we hope the styles looks can serve as an inspiration to you for long, languid summer days of crazy fun or cool summer chic.

Look 1
Sherlock Holmes Fashion GIrl. Photo Credit: Always Uttori. Uttori Fashion: 5 Summer Fun to Chic Shorts Looks.

I love a good His Wear Done Her Way look. And this menswear-inspired look is a bit of stolen style in the Sherlock Holmes tradition. The look pairs a cropped trench coat with lace shorts. The cropped trench makes for a fun twist on the classic staple and, if you’re like me, it’s nice to have a jacket even on warm days because it can still be chilly in the evening, or you can often experience temperature change when going from outside to indoors.  A crisp white shirt gives it that Savile Row flair, but after that, things take a turn for the feminine. Instead of the bow tie of Basil Rathbone’s Sherlock Holmes (Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock rarely wore a tie), we’ve feminized (from a binary perspective) the look with a satin bow tie and added the lace shorts for summer chic. The only thing missing is a deerstalker hat.

Look 2
Pleated Skorts. Photo Credit: Always Uttori. Uttori Fashion: 5 Summer Fun to Chic Shorts Looks.

Our second shorts fashion look is pure sunshine, at least it tries to be. Yellow is a hard color for many people to wear, but how could anyone resist the delicate crochet and unapologetically cheerful yellow. I couldn’t. And I’m glad I didn’t. This look is perfect for Shakespeare-in-the-Park or office party get-together.  It is simple but chic, cheerful and yet sophisticated. For me, it is the perfect summer fashion look. And for an added bonus, the Forever 21 asymmetrical skort is an unexpected surprise and definitely takes the casual out of summer shorts. Additionally, the Asos yellow lace cut out shirt keeps air flowing nicely when it’s hot and muggy out.

Look 3
Boy Shorts. Photo Credit: Always Uttori. Uttori Fashion: 5 Summer Fun to Chic Shorts Looks.

Yep. It’s another menswear-inspired look, only because I love the look of a well-dressed guy. So that’s the goal with this his wear her way look. The scalloped sleeve shirt is paired with Zara’s plaid corset to give a feel of a suit and black shirt. Fish-net socks for that OG hipness (Old Guy). The shorts are Bermuda length.  An added touch of menswear inspiration comes from the high-shine Oxford style shoes, but the chandelier earrings are a reminder that it’s lovely to be a lady.

Look 4
Black Romper. Photo Credit: Always Uttori.Uttori Fashion: 5 Summer Fun to Chic Shorts Looks.

Calling all Beyonce fans. Who’s with me on the simple truth that Queen Bey invented the slay. So I’ve taken a few notes on summer slayage from the queen of all things bright and beautiful. Of course, Beyonce keeps it all about the legs. As for color, is black too hot for summer? Not when you’re packing hot sauce in your bag! The pearl embellished shoes keep it stylish, chic, and simple.

Look 5
L'atiste romper 2018. Photo Credit: Always Uttori. Uttori Fashion: 5 Summer Fun to Chic Shorts Looks.

This L’atiste jumpsuit makes me think of trekking through a tropical rainforest. It’s a great neutral color and easy to pair with a pop of color if you want more visual interest. Oh, and it’s also perfect for a backyard barbecue, so there’s that.

We hope these summer fun to chic short inspirations have shown how shorts aren’t just casual. They are the perfect fashion choice for when you want to be cool and be chic, fun, quirky, or stylishly sophisticated. Shorts can do it all.

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