4 No Brainer Wedding Guest Looks

4 No Brainer Wedding Guest Looks

They’re finally getting married! What’s more, you’re on the guest list! With wedding season well underway, what to wear to your best friend’s/office buddy’s/cousin’s nuptials, all happening during different times of the year can be a major stress. Buying a gift is no problem, there are gift registries for that, but when are they going to invent a wedding guest fashion registry? There’s also the wedding etiquette thing, you know, the dos and don’ts of what to wear to a wedding (there are really there are more don’ts on the list than do’s).  Never fear though, we’re here to help. Given all that’s involved with being a part of the supporting cast of a wedding, it’s important to show up with a sense of confidence so that you can support your home team (Team Bride/Team Groom) to the best of your ability. And with weddings happening all year long, we’ve come up with no brainier wedding guest looks for every season.


Winter Wedding Guest Fashion. Photo Credit: Always Uttori. 4 No Brainer Wedding Guest Looks. Alwaysuttori.com

Winter weddings are often Christmas themed, but instead of wearing red, which can seem a bit garish, try going with a more neutral color like plum or gold. These colors are often flattering to all skin tones; moreover, they are inoffensive to the keepers of wedding etiquette. A wrap style dress is flattering to all body types. Add a shiny shoe to brighten up the overall look.


Spring Wedding Guest Fashion. Photo Credit: Always Uttori. 4 No Brainer Wedding Guest Looks. Alwaysuttori.com

When your best friend’s spring fling ends with a ring, the guest dress should reflect the nature of spring love. Even if the lovebirds have been a couple for beyond forever, spring weddings call for light, airy, and rosy. Of course, pink is a go-to color for spring weddings as it says love is in the air. Luckily, there are a number of ways to wear pink. With all the choices available in pink, it’s easy to avoid the banal.


Summer Wedding Guest Fashion. Photo Credit: Always Uttori. 4 No Brainer Wedding Guest Looks. Alwaysuttori.com

Summer weddings can be a sticky affair. I once attended a wedding where we had to wait on a sunroof for about an hour and a half while the bride and groom had their pictures taken. Once they returned from the photo sessions, the wedding celebrations resumed and we could finally go beneath a covered tarp where and eat. I was glad to have worn sunscreen, but it was a very hot and sticky affair. When considering ways to stay cool, think neutral colors like this light tan dress. Small touches like a modest slit, textured fabric, or a backless dress will keep you cool while also giving you a chic, sophisticated air.


You might think a traditionally bright color like orange would be a wedding faux pas. The bright color would stand out in a crowd and take attention away from the bride, but when you tone it down with richer and darker tones, it becomes the perfect color to wear to a fall wedding.

So Mazel Tov to all the happy couples out there, and if you’re always the guest and never the bride, here’s to looking just as fabulous in your wedding style as the bride looks in her wedding dress.

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