Slay The Books Look: Classic Prep

Slay-the-Books Look #5, Teacher’s Pet

Slay-the-Books Look - Classic Prep

Well, we’re getting to the end of September, so this our final Slay-the-Books Look. What’s this STB look about? It’s the Teacher’s Pet style. Okay, to be honest, I was never a teacher’s pet. I was too quiet, more of the type of student who was just part of the scenery. Still, I can appreciate that, even though the teacher’s pet can get a bad rap, having the teacher cut you some slack can go a long way. Although we hate stereotypes around here, there is a bit of logic in a classic prep look for your teacher’s pet style. Besides, teacher’s pet, or not, you just can’t beat classic prep. Amp up the teacher’s pet stereotype and bring an apple to class, too — although these days, it’s probably better to bring a gift card because teachers often spend their own money to provide extra classroom supplies.

Still, about that apple thing . . . why an apple? Was there some kind of teacher’s cult involving apples? Hmmm.

Enough with teacher’s pet stereotypes, let’s get down to the single, most important question about our Teacher’s Pet, Slay-the-Books Look.

What makes this INTJ?

Well, dear learner, there are many ways to answer that question.

  • The Teacher’s Pet is a classic A-line dress with simple lines.
  • The neutral coloring. It’s not black, but sometimes you want to wear some color without wearing color. If you’re an INTJ, you know what I mean. You don’t want anything that’s too obnoxious, or bright, or loud, or . . . well, colorful. Heck, you don’t really even want a color, you just want a break from black, white, or brown.
  • The color blocking creates a slimmer and more curvaceous silhouette.
  • The shoes are black and pointy, so you can kick those teacher’s pet rumors to the curb with ’em!

A final note, to all my previous teachers, and to my grandparents (who all worked in education), thanks. I had some truly great teachers; your efforts are appreciated.

We hope that you’ve enjoyed our Slay-the-Books 2016  Fashion Looks. For all of you who are currently toiling away at the books, we at Alway Uttori wish you a safe and successful school year.

Oh, For Fashion’s Sake!

Dress: Esley

Shoes: Chinese Laundry

Slay-The-Books INTJ Fashion Look


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