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In Royal Fashion | The Classic Princess | Sandringham

Sandringham P1. Photo Credit: Always Uttori. In Royal Fashion | The Classic Princess | Sandringham. Alwaysuttoricom

In Royal Fashion | The Classic Princess | Sandringham

This Classic Royals Look (which you may have already seen on our Instagram last week), is not so much classic royalty as it is referential of something you might have seen in the late 1800’s, or early 1900’s. In other words, it’s more Queen Victoria than Queen Elizabeth. The name we’ve given the outfit, Sandringham, refers to the British Royal’s country retreat; a home that has been part of the family’s private holdings since 1862.

We often think of the homes of the wealthy, or the well-known, as being reflective of their wealth only. Yet, Sandringham, though privately owned by the Windsors, offers us more than just a sense of the history and wealth of the royal family; it is also a guide to how modern royals live. Sandringham is not only for the Royal family’s enjoyment, but is also open to the public. The estate is home to commercial and residential properties, and the management is focused on being financially self-sufficient. In addition to the house, the estate also has a museum, public gardens, and public park area for hiking, or just enjoying the day. The estate’s dedication to self-sufficiency and openness to the public reminds royals and other leaders to not only give back, but to also respect those who give leadership its power (citizens). With our royals editorial coming to a close this Thursday, here are ten lessons for “Living Like a Royal.”

Ten Ways to Live Like A Royal
  1. Whether you were born to leadership, or elected, you are in the service business, and those you serve don’t owe you anything. If you’re looking for approbation, or only wish to serve yourself, abdicate.
  2. True royals understand that words have impact. They use those words to unite, empower, and to heal.
  3. A true royal understands that their real job is to reflect the best of human nature; they are not drawn to small-minded squabbles.
  4. True royals make mistakes; after all, they’re only human. Nevertheless, true royals also learn from their mistakes. People will forgive your mistakes if you don’t repeat them.
  5. True royals aren’t into consumerism. They understand that every blessing is also a responsibility. Blessings should be chosen carefully.
  6. Despite all of the work that a true royal does to make others happy, royals understand that they are responsible for their lives. They also have the right to be happy, even though their choices may make others angry. A true royal understands and lives with that choice.
  7. A true royal must also accept the fact that, more often than not, others don’t really care about them. Royals are quickly confronted with the reality that they are useful, and so are viewed from the perspective of how they can help others.
  8. True royals look for opportunities to share the work, the benefit, and the applause.
  9. True royals live their lives in public, but in an age where privacy is becoming a rarity, true royals keep some things private.
  10. True royals don’t take themselves seriously. Instead, they work hard to insure that they don’t dishonor the institution of royalty with their personal behavior.

Season Two of the Netflix Original Series, The Crown, airs Friday, December 8, 2017, and stars Claire Foy and Matt Smith.

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