Introvert Lifestyle: The Quiet Ones, an Interview with Angel Ramos, Photo featured. Photo Credit: Mechelle Avey.

Introvert Lifestyle: The Quiet Ones, an Interview with Angel Ramos

Introvert Lifestyle: The Quiet Ones, an Interview with Angel Ramos, Photo 1. Photo Credit: Mechelle Avey.

EDIT AUGUST 2017: since the writing of this post Angel has since changed his Instagram name to Quiet Slasher, the links at the end have been updated to reflect this change. Unfortunately, the unicorn shirt featured in the article is no longer available.

Introvert Lifestyle: The Quiet Ones, an Interview with Angel Ramos

With the publication of Susan Cain’s book, Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking, it’s safe to say that the introvert lifestyle is now a thing. Too often, however, those who don’t understand introverts make assumptions about how introverts live, and what they do “behind closed doors.” The reality is that many introverts are creatives, explorers, and/or intellectuals, who prefer to spend their time digging deeper into the things that interest them. Often, they do this deeper digging within the privacy of their own home/rooms/corner-in-their-own-little-chair. This year, Always Uttori hopes to introduce you to some of the fascinating introverts that we’ve encountered whose efforts, talents, and yes, introversion, make the world a better and more interesting place. As our first interview, we are pleased to introduce apparel designer, Angel Ramos, to the Always Uttori community.  Slogan t-shirts are really in this year, but despite that, not many get to the heart of the matter regarding cognition style. Angel’s company, The Quiet Ones, focuses on creating shirts that celebrate introverts – not in the snarky way that we’ve all come to expect, but in a holistic way, as humans who move to a different rhythm.  The real difference between the types of designs that Ramos creates, and the plethora of faux introvert slogan shirts that seem to be flooding the market these days, is a true understanding of the introvert lifestyle. As one of Ramos’ shirts proclaims, when an introvert says that she’s LIT, it means Lost In Thought.

By the way, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my unicorn shirt. It should be noted that I ordered the shirt myself. This is not a sponsored post. I’m truly a fan of Ramos’ work.  You can find information to buy your own INTJ shirt below, following the interview.

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How did you come up with the name “The Quiet Ones” for your company?

For as long as I can remember, people have made comments to me like “you’re so quiet” and have asked me questions such as “why are you so quiet?” Those constant types of comments and questions drove me crazy! But now, after discovering my personality type and learning more about introversion, I have a newfound perspective and now embrace being an introvert. With that being said, I wanted to create something that reflected my newly found empowerment and share that with others that are experiencing the same thing.

When did you realize that you were an introvert?

It was in early 2015 when I discovered personality types and the science of introversion. I was at a Barnes & Noble bookstore when I stumbled upon a book entitled Do What You Are: Discover the Perfect Career for You Through the Secrets of Personality Type. It was there where I took my first personality type assessment and discovered that I am an INTJ. After receiving the results of the assessment, I went on to read the profile of the INTJ type and I was in awe – it really resonated with me! From that point on, I started doing some research and that’s when I found Susan Cain’s Ted Talk on introversion.

Did you, or do you still, feel pressure to be more extroverted? If so, how do you maintain your perspective?

Oh, definitely! I think it’s hard not to feel some type of pressure to be a little more extroverted in today’s society. Despite the fact that there is a ton of information about what introversion is, I don’t think it’s something that is widely known and/or accepted. So, for me, the thing that really helps me maintain my perspective is my Instagram. Being able to express myself, share, and interact with other introverts on a daily basis without that pressure is truly a beautiful thing.

What was your motivation for creating t-shirts that highlight the mindset and lifestyle of the introvert community?

Art and fashion’s ability to make a powerful statement without having to say much or anything at all is something that I’ve always loved, admired, and found to be perfect for introverts. So, I wanted to combine those things and create something that us introverts could use to not only express ourselves but also inspire and empower us to embrace our quiet, introverted nature.

You’ve been able to brand yourself as an advocate for introverts. What’s your advice to other brands that want to understand this “quiet” market?

This is a tough question for me to answer because I don’t really look at what I’m doing in that way. Honestly, I’m just a guy with a passion for creativity and personal growth. I also have a deep appreciation for the personality type tools and resources that allow me to learn about myself, others, and also to grow as a person. I try to take all of that knowledge and those resources and put it all out there in a friendly way with the hopes that people will dig it and gain something positive from it. I suppose that taking the time to understand the different introvert types and what makes each of them “tick” would be my best piece of advice to those looking to understand this “quiet” market. This is something that I have devoted a great deal of time to in order to best understand my target audience.

Is there anything that you wish you could say to other introverts to encourage them on their journey as an introvert?

I would like to encourage you all to find your introvert tribes if you feel like you don’t yet have the people in your life who understand you. Trust me, they’re out there! Connecting with like-minded introverts has helped me tremendously on my journey and is a great part of the reason that I am able to be apart of this interview today. Lastly, always remember: “You don’t have to be loud to be heard.”

Learn More About Quiet Slasher Here.

Order INTJ shirts Here.

Introvert Lifestyle: The Quiet Ones, an Interview with Angel Ramos, Photo featured. Photo Credit: Mechelle Avey.


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