INTJ Fall Fashion Hip Professional

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Hip Professional, Feature. Photo Credit: Mechelle Avey. INTJ Fall Fashion Hip Professional.
Hip Professional, Photo 2. Photo Credit: Mechelle Avey. INTJ Fall Fashion Hip Professional.
INTJ Fall Fashion Hip Professional

It’s Monday, and we’re back with our fall fashion theme of one jacket 4 ways, this time styled as INTJ fall fashion Hip Professional. After all, hip and plaid go together, am I right?  Or maybe it’s grunge? Or the classics? The fact is that plaid can be all of these things: hip, grunge, punk. classic. Plaid does it all.  The trick to getting hip is in how you style the plaid. In this look, we’ve paired our plaid jacket with a similarly patterned dress, amplifying the contrast between the two patterns. If the patterns are similar enough, the contrast is muted. It’s not competing fashion patterns, it’s complementary contrasts. Mixing complementary contrast patterns can be difficult, especially for those INTJs who prefer a minimalist and simple aesthetic. Even so, plaid is one of those classic patterns that belongs in the closet of anyone who wishes to present themselves in professional functional styling (Remember that functional styling is how INTJs dress for function, not for personal taste). Using two contrasting plaid patterns can move the styling from functional style, to personalized style.

To be effective with mix and match plaid patterning, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Match color, but mix plaid pattern.

While pattern mixing can be difficult, keeping the plaid in the same color family gives the look a base color that pairs seamlessly, while the different patterns provide visual interest.

  • Match the plaid pattern, but mix clothing colors with a base neutral of gray, black, brown, blue, or white.

That’s more of what we’ve done with this look (although the patterns don’t match exactly, it’s close enough that the eye doesn’t realize that the pattern is slightly different). The base color of the dress is a dark gray, while the jacket is actually brown; yet the two colors work together because of the similarity in plaid pattern and size. The slight change in color, and even pattern, makes it just interesting enough for a fall/winter color palette, as well as capturing some of the zeitgeist of the recent mix and match trend that dominated spring and summer runways.

  • Mix and match plaid pattern sizes.

If you want to really amp up the style, varying pattern size can be a “hip” way to wear plaid. If you choose this method, keeping the base color the same, or near the same, helps create a pulled together and stylish look , rather than producing a look that just clashes.

It’s a Plaid, Plaid World

Plaid is versatile enough to wear as a power pattern, and yet also be styled into a period look, or a playful look. In our hip professional styling, the corset (young and trendy), shorter hem length (young) are the two factors that move the look from classic to hip, fun, and young. Nevertheless, for a young professional, the look is appropriate to wear to work without fear of dress code violation.

Oh For Fashion’s Sake!

Jacket: H&M

Dress: Decode 1.8

Shoes: Zara

Hip Professional, Photo 1. Photo Credit: Mechelle Avey. INTJ Fall Fashion Hip Professional.
Hip Professional, Photo 3. Photo Credit: Mechelle Avey. INTJ Fall Fashion Hip Professional.