Femme Chic, Feature Photo. Photo Credit: Mechelle Avey. INTJ Fall Fashion Femme Chic. Alwaysuttori.com

INTJ Fall Fashion Femme Chic

One Jacket Four Ways, Photo Credit: Mechelle Avey. INTJ Fall Fashion Femme Chic. Alwaysuttori.com
INTJ Fall Fashion Femme Chic

We are ending this month’s fashion editorial: One Jacket, Four Ways with a look that we call INTJ Fall Fashion Femme Chic. Yes, this is a fall look. Yes, I’m wearing shorts. While, it might be getting a bit chilly for shorts, especially if you live in a more northerly region, let’s be honest, with global warming, we’ve been experiencing warmer fall transitions. Plus, although I’m not currently in Minnesota, I hear it was a stifling 90-degrees there on the first day of fall. It has also been hot here in Hong Kong, in the 80’s most days. I say all of that to say this: the early days of fall are really about transitional fashion. It’s often warm during the day (even 90-degrees) and cooler at night. September eases us into the cooler weather with beautiful colors of changing leaves, a bounty of fresh, crisp apples, and a few days that prolong summer by being warm enough to wear a pair of longer, fall-perfect shorts.

That Transition Life

For many in the United States, seasons are a state of mind. They don’t get to experience the dramatic change in the leaves. They don’t have access to an apple orchard. Instead, fall is a time when pumpkins show up in the grocery store alongside the Harvest and/or Halloween decorations, and then, suddenly, the weather turns cold (or cooler).  It can feel like fall is just a transition state, it’s not quite hot and not quite cold. While it is true that fall is a transition from warm to cold, just as spring is a transition from cold to warm, it helps to view these transition periods as time to prepare, not only our fashion, but our minds for a new season and new way of living. In that way, Mother Nature is both kind and wise (though some might say the weather that accompanies these changes can be dramatic, just work with me here). If you want a deeper insight, you could say that both fall, and transition fashion, is about living life somewhere in the middle, which is, truthfully, where most life is lived. The middle is the place we exist as we wait for the sun, or we wait for the cold. In between, in the transition, in the middle, these are the states that require our greatest effort and focus.

As for this fashion transition look, the transition pieces are top-heavy, with a turtleneck and the plaid blazer featured in all of our Monday looks this past month. The scalloped shorts bring a bit of flirty fun to the autumn feel, but are also a reminder that, for these last fleeting days of transition, some vestiges of summer remain.

Femme Chich, Photo 2. Photo Credit: Mechelle Avey. INTJ Fall Fashion Femme Chic. Alwaysuttori.com
The Color Story

While brown isn’t on many people’s list of favorite colors to wear, it is the perfect shade for fall. Trade in your INTJ blacks for the equally chic brown to get some color variance into your wardrobe.

Oh, For Fashion’s Sake!

Jacket: H&M

Shirt: Old Navy

Shorts: a’reve

Shoes: Kelsi Dagger

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