Photo Credit: Mechelle Avey. Always Uttori Subtleween: BBC Sherlock.

Subtleween: BBC Sherlock (Modern) Costume

Photo Credit: Mechelle Avey. Always Uttori Subtleween: BBC Sherlock.

If you haven’t come up with your own Subtleween look, what are you waiting for? Plus, don’t forget to share your looks with us (check the full details here)!

Today, we are taking the Classic Sherlock Subtleween Look published on Monday, and updating it to the very modern BBC Sherlock. As I mentioned in that Classic Sherlock post, there is some debate over what Holmes’ Myers-Briggs type is. However, I think BBC’s Sherlock portrays Holmes as an INTJ. INTJ Sherlock sticks to black suits, Oxford lace-ups (originally Yves St. Laurent), and a variety of shirts, including the infamous Dolce & Gabbana purple shirt. It is a simple and classic wardrobe.

A lot of great menswear fashion happens on Sherlock — from Mycroft’s bespoke suits, John’s modest (yet expensive) wardrobe, Sherlock’s Belstaff coat, and Moriarty’s Westwood. All of these looks, though menswear, certainly give an INTJ girl some inspiration. The best part of BBC Sherlock’s fashion is that it’s pretty wearable in an everyday setting. Now, if only it wasn’t all so expensive.

What’s INTJ About It?

  • If, like many INTJs, your favorite color is black… you might be a Sherlock fashion fan. My BBC Sherlockian style is black with the INTJ equivalent of a pop of color: a slate blue/gray shirt. As I am portraying a crime solver, my jacket ups the risk ante with leather on the lapel and collar, and a bit of gold hardware that acts as closure.
  • Menswear. . . Again? Yes. For two good reasons. One, because I love it. Reason Two, menswear tends more toward INTJ fashion sensibilities than does women’s wear.
  • The silhouette features classic lines, but accented with leather and the gold detail, and paired with vinyl shoes, this look moves beyond the basic suit, giving it just enough quirkiness for an INTJ.

Pro tip: These pants were actually flared at the end, but as Sherlock usually wears a slim cut pant, I rolled the pants under to keep the slim lines of my makeshift suit.

If you have see-though shoes, which I highly recommend because they are fun, add patterned socks to switch up your look and add character. As I was going for a menswear feel, I wore striped socks.

Oh for Fashion’s Sake!

Shirt: Lilly Lou

Jacket: Express

Pants: Express

Shoes: Zara

Coat: DKNY

Socks: Kate Spade

Always Uttori Subtleween: BBC Sherlock.

Photo Credit: Mechelle Avey. Always Uttori Subtleween: BBC Sherlock.



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