INTJ Stereotypes I Don’t Like

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INTJ Stereotypes, Always Uttori

INTJ Stereotypes I Don’t Like If you’re an INTJ, you’ve heard it all before. INTJs are . . . different. Unlike other Myers-Briggs types, this cognition style is above average intellect, below average social skills. Wait, what?  Who comes up with this stuff? Last week, I wrote about INTJ Stereotypes I Do like. This week, it’s INTJ stereotypes I don’t … Read More

INTJ Stereotypes I Actually Kind of Like

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INTJ stereotypes I secretly like: INTJ females are unicorns.

Anyone who has read the About Me page on this blog knows that I am anti-stereotype, but here’s a confession: I actually like some of the INTJ stereotypes. Logically, I know that the stereotypes aren’t founded on incontrovertible truths, but some stereotypes have become INTJ memes/ inside jokes to our cognition community. Love them or hate them, stereotypes exist. Below … Read More

Myers-Briggs Basics: Discussing MBTI and INTJ

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Myers-Briggs Basics: MBTI and INTJ, working metal gears inside businessman head

For those who don’t know, MBTI is a personality test. I’m a total sucker for personality tests (those Buzzfeed quizzes are the bane of my existence).  When I was first introduced to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), I didn’t know it would change my life. For better or for worse, I now see everything through the lens of personality archetypes. … Read More