Slay The Books Looks Back to School Fashion 2017 Look 3 Grown Up

STB Look 3, P1. Photo Credit: Mechelle Avey. Slay The Books Looks Back to School Fashion 2017 Look 3 Grown Up.

Slay The Books Looks Back to School Fashion 2017 Look 3 Grown Up

Today, we are back with Slay The Books Looks Back to School Fashion 2017 Look 3, Grown Up. Earlier in the week, we highlighted the student archetype of nerd, today’s look represents our nerd’s grown-up potential: the tech exec.

Last Thursday (Music Mogul), we talked about how the pressure to find one’s passion-driven purpose can be detrimental to the recognizing and achieving of purpose. With so much emphasis on the finding of a single life purpose, is it any wonder that many people have no idea what to do with their lives when they do not have an all-consuming passion? What about when the passion leaves, but the purpose remains? How do you find new passion? The answer to all of these questions might just be to stop looking. Stop looking for passion. Stop chasing purpose. Give up bemoaning the failure of not having these ideals of the well-lived life.  We are a generation that sees passion as something that happens in an instant, but true passion, passion that lasts, is something that grows in strength. That growth is a result of our focus. If we stopped chasing purpose based on passion, and instead spent time reflecting, gaining both knowledge and understanding, and focusing on the topics that interest and inspire us, passion-filled purpose can often be the end result.

Feed Your focus, Fuel Your Passion

Once you’ve developed your passion, how do you keep the fires stoked? Since we’re doing a tech themed look, we’ll borrow a tip from the tech titans. You may have heard that wandering minds can fuel creativity. It is for this very reason that tech CEOs like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and Steve Jobs have touted the idea of “think weeks”, or time set aside where they can unplug from the world, and focus on what they want to know more about. Think weeks are a refuel strategy that these tech giants have credited with assisting them in not only generating new and innovative ideas, but also in refueling their passion. Emerging research suggests that they may just be right. Focusing on a topic and then allowing your mind to wander (or rest) improves learning outcomes and amps up creativity, the perfect fuel for passion-filled purpose. The rumination period is similar to the INTJ’s introverted intuition function in which, after a great amount of information has been gathered, connections and insights are made. It is this different way of thinking that aids in mapping the way to passion-filled purpose; and why it’s important for INTJs to practice “think weeks”.

Even if you can’t take a week off to jet to an exotic location like a wealthy CEO, you can take some to do mini-reflection retreats. Instead of using focused meditation, allow your mind to wander.  Be open to facing the things that are in your thoughts, the tiny fears and worries. Instead of pushing them down, examine these thoughts from the perspective of identifying solutions. Consider the choices that you must make as a path to your purpose, with each insight gained as a stepping stone to revealing what makes you happy and fills you with purpose.

After Hours Exec

Our tech exec might be off duty on her own think retreat, but she still dresses like she is in charge, at least in charge of Silicon Valley. Just like in her younger years, she gives a nod to the boys with menswear inspiration, pinstripes, and oxford shoes, but she is anything but masculine. Proud tech female in charge.

Oh For Fashion’s Sake!

Shirt + necktie : Haoduoyi

Pants: Zara

Shoes: Zara


STB Look 3, P3. Photo Credit: Mechelle Avey. Slay The Books Looks Back to School Fashion 2017 Look 3 Grown Up.