Armed-To-Learn, INTJ Style

Today’s slay-the-books look is all about the rebellious side of INTJ cognition. Other cognition styles are often surprised when the INTJ's  independent streak appears because INTJs are the quiet rebels. Yet, even though they can be rebels, most would never cut class, and they rarely, if ever, break school rules. They're too connected to future sight. The consequences [...]

Building Customer Affinity Part 3: INTJ Affinity Factors

Over the past two weeks, we have discussed building customer affinity by utilizing a knowledge of Myers-Briggs typology. Last week, we briefly covered the eight cognitive functions and how targeted branding efforts, focused on meeting the needs of each function, can help to build deeper connections with customers. Today, we will explore four of the [...]

Male versus Female INTJ: Part 2, Intuition

Two weeks ago, we began discussing the differences between male and female INTJs, starting with the discussion of introversion in men and women. Today's post continues to examine intuition and how this function is both expressed and viewed through the lens of gender.  For rationals, it's easy to dismiss intuition as a function in cognition because [...]

Back-to-College 2016

The official first day of fall is just a few days away. Many are already hard at work hitting the books and missing the lazy days of summer. The same is true for me, too. While I'm not currently a student, I've recently spent a lot of time getting educated about intellectual property and brand [...]

DIY Trend: Chanel Choker 2 Ways

I'm not that crafty, but I can work a tube of glue. As chokers are on trend right now, and I needed one to complete the off-the-shoulder look featured on  Monday’s fashion look. I decided to try making my own. Nothing could be more simple. Although chokers are not expensive, purchasing one still costs more [...]

INTJ Back to School Fashion

It's Time to Slay! Who’s ready for some Slay-Those-Books (STB) looks? Okay, so I'm a little late on the whole back-to-school party, but that's because I was deliberately late.  Introvert late. If that doesn't work as an excuse, well, even if I didn't make it to the party, it’s never too late for some school [...]