Meet Pastel Goth Morticia and Pallicanis. An Always Uttori Howlingween Tale. Walking the Goth Girl.

Halloween: Pastel Goth Morticia and Pallicanis: I’m a Bad Dawg

Welcome Back to an Always Uttori Howli’ween Tale.

A quick Howlerween note to our subscribers: Pastel Goth Morticia is NOT a Morticia Addams wannabe. Pallicanis is known to one and all as Bone Daddy P.  Forget these details at your peril.

In this Howli’ween Edition, also known as: “I’m A Bad Dawg,” Bone Daddy P. gives his fans a peek into the private world of the dead and famous. According to Pallicanis, uhm, Bone Daddy P., being that you’re just a mortal, you’re probably not worthy, but he’s just generous like that. To view the pictures in order, start from top left.


If you missed part one check it out here. Read on to part 3 here.

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