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Breaking down the Night Luxe Aesthetic + New Year’s Party Looks

The standard Night Luxe color palette tends toward black, neutrals, and red. This lime green metallic cutout dress paired with a maxi velvet overcoat is a nod to the futuristic trend popping up on some designer runways in 2023.

Breaking down the Night Luxe Aesthetic

Night Luxe fashion is having a moment. According to some, Night Luxe is an antidote to the “That Girl” aesthetic – you know, the aesthetic for the feminine icon of perfection who can do it all and never break a sweat. Girl bosses are out, party girls are in, but don’t expect “That girl” to go away, pushed off stage by the Night Luxe babe. Why? Night Luxe is nothing more than an evergreen aesthetic that serves as a reminder of a time when party hardy was a thing, maximalism was a sign of new money or celebrity, and it was okay to be exclusionary.

Of course, that’s just one way to look at this aesthetic. Dig deeper. Night Luxe is more than sequins and regret. Appropriately enough, Luxe party fashion has a history, and though there are many incarnations, the forces that propel this particular aesthetic is often related to challenging social factors. In this way, modern Night Luxe is no different. It may even be a signal of threats to the status quo.

The fashion from each of these eras did more than offer an aesthetic, the fashion reflected the challenges and needs of the societies that birthed them.

Dark color palette with a hint of red?
Funky 1940s rhinestone jewelry?
Got it.
Jumpsuit with Boho braids and zen girl glasses?
That’s what’s happening.
Boho Night Luxe lets you show up. Show Out. Show YOU. Because Zen 2023 is chill vibes.

Night Luxe Through the Years

In the late 1800s, Night Luxe was about richly decorated evening gowns and sparkling jewels. In the Roaring Twenties, it was all about daring, sleek dresses and lots of glitz. In the 1940s and 50s, Hollywood set the tone for glitz and glamour.

Now, as many venues open their doors for the first time since the 2019 pandemic, trend watchers like i-D and Byrdie are calling Night Luxe the Digital Age’s take on the “Roaring ’20s.”

The textured paillettes on this little black dress levels this “lewk” up from boring vanilla Night Luxe. Yes, the Night Luxe color palette loves itself some blackness, but with a pop of color swag bag featuring a strap made from oversized pearls, black goes from night luxe to bold, beautiful and boujee cause bourgeoisie is how we be.

Such a view makes sense, but Night Luxe isn’t meant to be history repeating. We’ve learned a few things since the Jazz Age. Modern Night Luxe can be both “That Girl” and Fiscal/Sustainable Responsible Luxe. It can be inclusive and self aware. Night Luxe isn’t a folk way. It is the reflection of one, It spans a wide swathe of society. It is an aesthetic where the focus is on fun, letting off steam, being present, and wearing clothes that make you feel confident and beautiful.

So, in this New Year,  go glam. Get bougee. Make a statement. The last two years have been rough. We’ve all earned a bit of fun.

Night Luxe is often portrayed with the visuals of a socialite in a little black dress, or a sequined dress, or a silky dress. Whatever the editorial, Night Luxe has most often been synonymous with “THE DRESS.” But luxury style in the 1920s and 1930s often emphasized silky, flowy pants, especially given that a woman wearing pants was a boundary pusher.

In black and silver, this Sporty Night Luxe look remains true to the aesthetic, but with sequined pants instead of a dress. After all, wearing dresses for every party can get boring fast. So for your next Night Luxe outing, Break fashion rules by wearing fabulous pants.

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