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Fancy PJs: The Fashion Trend INTJs and Other Connoisseurs of Comfort Can Get Behind

Fancy PJs: The Fashion Trend INTJs and Other Connoisseurs of Comfort Can Get Behind

INTJ girls don’t necessarily keep up with the latest fashion trends (too many world problems to solve), but as your INTJ fashion liaison, I’m here to tell you there is a trend that we can all get behind. Yep. Fancy PJs: The Fashion Trend INTJs and Other Connoisseurs of Comfort Can Get Behind. Over the past few months, celebrities like Amal Clooney, Cara Delevingne, and Deepika Padukone have been wearing pajamas to various red carpet events.

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This trend isn’t completely new. I found an article dating back to 2012 reporting on a few celebrities like Miranda Kerr wearing pajamas, but it seems to have really taken off this year, with more celebrities embracing it, and runway shows like Celine and Sonia Rykiel  (who passed away the day before the publication of this article) dedicating looks to “comfort” fashion.

It’s interesting to speculate why wearing what we consider to be sleepwear has become more culturally acceptable as daily or special occasion wear. It may just be good marketing for an industry that is overrun with options, and cheap ones at that. It could also signal a shift in the way technology has changed how we work. According to “These Companies Dream Of Becoming The Lululemon Of The Pajama Industry,” the rise of athleisure, along with the number of people who work from home, has created a demand for more comfortable clothing and influenced designers like Andy Spade, of design house Kate Spade, to branch out into sleepwear.

Whatever the reason for the shift, this is an exciting trend for those of us who already prefer comfort, practicality, and efficiency in our attire.  Besides, what’s more efficient, comfortable, and practical than rolling out of bed, fluffing your hair, and heading downstairs to your office in your PJs? Of course, most of us aren’t celebrities. At this point in the trend, wearing your flannel pajama bottoms to work probably won’t fly. But if the trend sticks around for longer than a season, maybe we can all start wearing our robes to work. Getting to work in my pajamas is certainly one of the many reasons I love being a blogger.

What do you think about the pajama trend? Love it? Hate it? What about the expensive price tag that goes along with fancier and more fashionable pajamas? Share your thoughts in the comment section. We love reading them.

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