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4 Easy Ways to Care for Skin in the Winter

Keeping skin moisturized during the winter months, especially when you live in a cold weather climate, can be a challenge. While winterizing your skin may seem like an extra step in your daily beauty routine, there are a few easy ways to pump up your glow with little effort. Here are 4 easy ways to care for your skin the winter.


Using a humidifier, especially while you sleep, is a great way to boost the moisture in the air, and in your skin. Running it at night really puts the beauty in beauty sleep. As an added bonus, the humidifier can act as white noise for a more relaxing sleep. Don’t have a humidifier? You can boil water or put a metal bowl full of water on top of a radiator to add moisture to the air.

Steam facials

We all know that steam facials are good for the skin. It’s super easy to do, right? Get a bowl, some hot water, put a towel over your head, and you’re opening pores and getting rid of toxins that might be trapped in your skin. You’re also boosting the moisture in your skin. Other benefits of a steam facial include preparing your skin for better exfoliation, skin softening, and improved circulation. Toss in a few herbs like rose or lavender for added aromatherapy. Your skin, and your mood, will appreciate it.

Sheet Masks

Sheet masks are probably one of the easiest ways to boost the moisture in your skin. They are particularly great because you can wear them to bed, or wear them while doing other things, like listening to a great audio book. One reason they are so effective is that they cover your face while delivering concentrated nutrients. The cover helps the nutrients to penetrate the skin more deeply.


You may have heard that using oil on your face as a moisturizer is no longer a mortal sin. In fact, certain oils are great for your skin, especially in the winter. Oil not only penetrates deep into the skin, is also acts as a shield helping to seal in moisture and block harmful chemicals in the air. It is important to know which oils are beneficial to skin. To soften and protect your skin, try coconut oil, or a blend of almond and rosehip oil.

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