Photo Credit: Valeriya Tikhonova - 738779821. January 2018 INTJ Challenge.

January 2018 INTJ Challenge

Photo Credit: Valeriya Tikhonova - 738779821. January 2018 INTJ Challenge.
Photo Credit: Valeriya Tikhonova – 738779821.
January 2018 INTJ Challenge

Where did 2017 go? How did we all make it through a year of such dramatic change? How are you feeling about the future? No matter how you answer those questions, the fact is that it’s almost January. Time for another year of INTJ challenges. If you took on the December challenge, I hope your introverted intuition is feeling sufficiently recharged from all the holiday cheer. Let me know how you recharged your introverted intuition in the comments below. As for me, I tried to get through some books I had been putting off reading, and while I didn’t get through all of them, the ones I did read got my intuition going in new directions, always a good thing.

January Challenge

Of course, January is all about resolutions for the new year. As goal oriented thinkers, INTJs hardly need the prompting of a new year to get them to set goals. However, it can be nice to use the cultural convention of resolution setting to not only make new goals, but to also reevaluate, tweak, and take stock of current goals. If you took on the December challenge, hopefully you have some new ideas on goals, or even how to make achieving your goals more efficient. This time of year, there are endless articles with advice on how to set goals, how to achieve goals, and what the best kinds of resolutions are. Honestly, it can be a lot of pressure, especially for those of us INTJs who are perfectionists. We make the lists, we set out to do the goals, and even when we fail to reach stated goals, INTJs are always working toward self-improvement. For INTJs, the issue is not about setting resolutions, it’s about being overly ambitious. That’s why this month’s challenge is to include a New Year’s resolution that lets you be kind to yourself, an example of this is to have a resolution that encourages you to always get into your PJ’s as soon as you get home, or to binge watch a favorite Netflix series at least once a week. Often, the way we view resolutions can limit our growth as humans, as we are always focused on attaining things, or changing things we don’t like. Goals don’t always have to be lofty and self-improving, some of us may actually need resolutions that remind us to schedule in the relaxation and fun, because those resolutions improve our humanity. So, when you start developing your resolutions, remember to be kind to yourself, so that you can be kind to others.  From all of us at Always Uttori, we wish you a wonderful 2018 full of health, love, and many fulfilled resolutions. Good luck!

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  1. Terence says:

    My wife and I shut ourselves in an Hotel for 4 days and turned our phones off.
    What a tonic.
    Best wishes to all

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