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INTJ Mastermind April Challenge

Saturday begins a new month and with a new month, brings a new INTJ challenge.

Last month I challenged you to get physical. Being a mastermind is about body, mind, and soul. Each element works together to build the mastermind, which is why it’s important to include exercise as part of the mastermind lifestyle.

Let’s Get Physical: The Report

How did I do on the challenge? Well, the beginning of the month was great. After having been a sloth for several months, I eased into a walking program to prepare for my move to Hong Kong. I enjoy walking, so it wasn’t that big of a deal, but after the first week, the challenge completely slipped my mind. I got wrapped up in last-minute details of moving, but I don’t want to make excuses. I am also horrified that I forgot about the challenge. I don’t know if it was brain overload, but I have a pretty good memory, so I found the forgetting to be the worst part of not fulfilling the challenge. It’s one thing to return to slothful ways intentionally, but INTJs pride themselves in being able to remember details, so I spent more time wondering about strange diseases than feeling guilty about not walking. Plus, by week three, I remembered the challenge. I decided to do a different physical activity, so I tried yoga, hoping to relieve pre-travel stress, and with the intent of keeping limber for a 17-hour flight. This time, I didn’t forget. I kept up with the yoga. I’m glad because it did help with the long flight. Plus, after the rigors of flight, yoga became a necessity, as opposed to a challenge. Even though I forgot a week, I’m glad that I followed through on the challenge. I ended the month with lots more walking, including a beautiful walk around a trail on Victoria Peak, the tallest mountain in Hong Kong.

How did it go for you? What physical activity did you try? I’d love to hear how the challenge went for you this month.

Now on to the April Challenge.

April Challenge

Like we talked about in yesterday’s article, Travel and the INTJ brain, this month’s challenge is to indulge in a bit of travel. The travel can be as big, or small as you like. Learn about another culture through traveling to another country (or through reading, but reading is never as good as going there), or travel to the other side of town and drive around, or try a new restaurant. The goal is to grow new neurons through challenging your brain with a new experience. New experiences create growth in your neuronal networks. Immersing yourself in a new culture is a great way to build new neural pathways, but it’s not the only way. So try something new. It can be anything you want, as long as it’s new to you.

Good luck!

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