Always Uttori Editorial Calendar

Always Uttori 2017 Editorial Calendar

April 2017
Denim Days

May 2017
Wedding Wear and Attire

June 2017
Summer Brights

July 2017
Red, White, and Fresh/Fresh, White, and Blue

August 2017
Slay the Books from School To Professional

September 2017
Fall Fashion

October 2017
Subtleween and Black is the New Fresh

November 2017
Netflix and Chill: The Crown Fashion and Modern Day Royals Fashion

December 2017
Holiday Fashions – Christmas and New Year

January 2018
Workout Fashion and Cozy Couture

February 2018
Love is in the Air – Gift Buying for the INTJ
Love Sucks: The Anti-Valentine’s Day Gift Buying Guide
Date Night versus No Boyfriend Fashion


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