Dog Days of Summer Reading list

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Dog Reading. Photo Credit: Elizabeth Aldridge - 107056592. Dog Days of Summer Reading List.

Happy Tuesday! Today we’re talking last minute reading with our dog days of summer reading list. Battlefront II: Inferno Squad As a Star Wars nerd, I like to keep up with the expanded universe stories. Inferno Squad ties in with an upcoming video game, Battlefront II, and was just released on July 25th. While I haven’t read it yet, it’s … Read More

Summer Introvert Reading List

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Summer Introvert Reading List

No matter how busy my schedule gets, reading great books is always on my to-do list. This month, I’m excited to share books that not only focus on introverts, but also celebrate the power of the introvert lifestyle. There are so many good books, and so little time to enjoy them, but on the off chance that you’re already done … Read More

2017 May Reading List: Fantasy/Sci-Fi

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Star Wars Catalyst Book Cover. 2017 May Reading List: Fantasy/Sci-Fi.

We’ve been focused on nurturing the creative side or, for another way of putting it, indulging the INTJ intuition with a bit of the fantastic—all of which just means that it’s time for our 2017 May Reading List: Fantasy/Sci-Fi. This month’s genre is fantasy and sci-fi, with many of the stories being a mix of both. Science Fiction We are … Read More