Julep Nail Polish: Alwaysuttori.com

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Julep Nail Polish: Alwaysuttori.com

Julep Branded Meetup Experience + Birthday Nails: French Ombré

It’s my birthday month! In the past, as a treat to myself, I’d spend a few hours doing an intensive nail design. This year for my birthday, I wanted to do a design I have tried a few times in the past, but had not ever gotten quite right: the

Fairy-ish: Expressing the INTJ’s Introverted Intuition Aspect

Today’s ASPIRE look represents something that is near and dear to me. As an INTJ and dominate introverted intuition user, expressing my creative inner life can be difficult. Because I am an introvert, and my dominant function is also introverted, I interact with the world through my extroverted thinking function.

Photo Credit: Jamie Larsen, EyeEm, gettyimages.com

Why Shopping at Sephora Makes Me Want to Cry: Part 2

Last week, I started a deep analysis as to why Sephora’s retail atmosphere makes me, as an INTJ, want to run from the store screaming.  If you missed Part One, check it out here. I’ll be honest, this was meant to be a one-off article; but I got carried away and this

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