Wintress 2016, Pic 1. Photo Credit: Mechelle Avey. Introvert Life: Staying In? What to Winter Wear

Photo Guidelines

Always Uttori Photography Guidelines

When possible, Always Uttori is happy to work with photographers on a time for print basis. Please keep in mind that I’mari Avey is NOT a model, but is instead, a public person whose image must be consistent with the Always Uttori brand. Just as our audience is made up of intelligent, independent, capable women. Our audience is interested in the following topics: the introvert lifestyle, women’s issues, self actualization, and humor. They are resistant to anything that is inauthentic or irrelevant to their interests.  Very often edgy, INTJs can identify with Goths, social rebels, alternative lifestyles, and/or outsider status, but they are not interested in viewing women as provocative, promiscuous, or lacking in logic. Always Uttori is a brand that focuses primarily on self-actualization, fashion, and lifestyle.

  1. Unless otherwise agreed, photographs should be for the photographer’s portfolio — not for a client, or sale.
  2. Please submit a concept plan that includes the following: the number of digital prints that will be provided in exchange for time, print resolution, limitations of image usage, any requirements (i.e., clothing, style particulars, etc.,) and/or expectations for the photo shoot.
  3. Always Uttori understands that the copyright for the image is retained by the photographer. However, we do work with a small team, and have the expectation of being able to take a limited number of behind the scenes photos of the process. Any photos taken as part of behind the scenes content will belong to Always Uttori, and will be free of restrictions against commercial use, as we view such photographs as content for our website, and/or use in Always Uttori publications that may, or may not, be sold.
  4. Images may be used for the following: picture, portrait, composite, publication, competition, or any lawful publication, EXCEPT pornographic, libelous, or defamatory purposes.
  5. As part of the compensation for model time, Always Uttori requires that permission be given to publish, with attribution, a minimum of three poses on a perpetual basis. This requirement in no way invalidates the ownership of the copyright.
  6. The Photographer will not transfer, or sell, or transfer publication rights without prior consent from Always Uttori and/or its assigns.

If you’re still interested in working with Always Uttori, but you don’t have a creative concept that you would propose, take a look at the Always Uttori Editorial Calendar. Also, a review of the following: Unicorn Life, may be helpful in identifying a photographic concept.



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