Introvert Life - New Year's Fashion Look 2, photo 5.

Introvert Life – New Year’s Fashion Look 2

Introvert Life - New Year's Fashion Look 2. Photo Credit: Mechelle Avey.

After the holidays, it’s nice to kick back and relax. Nothing can beat the feeling of returning home, taking your shoes off, and letting your hair down. If your family is anything like mine, just as you’re beginning to recoup from all of the socializing, the family shutterbug pops out of nowhere with the camera. It’s the holidays after all, and we don’t usually dress up. So, you smile, and they get the shot. Such is #introvertproblem life. The thing about photographs is that, although they live longer than we do, they don’t necessarily reflect reality. I certainly don’t go through life in makeup and sparkly dresses. Yet, many of the pictures in the family album book picture me that way. These snapshots of life only tell a small bit of the realities of a family and of a life. It takes a lot of pre-work to get one perfect moment on film, or in digital memory. Photography is about capturing the best moments, the perfect moments. Yet, in reality, the holidays aren’t about perfection. They are about celebrating life and giving thanks for all that you have.  That’s why my goal for this holiday season is to celebrate the moments that the camera doesn’t capture: the hard work, the laughter; the hugs; the frustration; the clean up. That’s real life, and no camera can capture it in the way that it’s lived. We have our photo moments, but those aren’t the moments that most define a life. In a world that seems to accept a single photo as the entirety of a person’s life, it’s important to remember the difference.

Now fashion. I’ve had this skirt since this style first hit the stores. I remember agonizing over the cost, and if I really should pay out for it.  I don’t swan around in sequins, but I’d say that I’ve gotten my money’s worth from the skirt – though these days, you can find this style of skirt for a lot less than I paid. To create this New Year’s look for introverts, I paired it with a  cozy couture style sweater on top. Warm on top, party on the bottom.

Oh For Fashion’s Sake:

Shirt: Express

Skirt: Express

Earrings: BCBGeneration

Shoes: Betsey Johnson

Introvert Life - New Year's Fashion Look 2, photo 3.


Introvert Life - New Year's Fashion Look 2, photo 4.





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