INTJ/Introvert Fashion Inspiration for 2017

Introvert and INTJ Fashion Inspiration for 2017

Introvert and INTJ Fashion Inspiration for 2017

Looking for some Introvert/INTJ fashion inspo for 2017? The following five designers have you covered for your INTJ and Introvert needs. Absorb the inspiration.


Iceberg, the Italian design house well known for knits and sportswear, has a fun comic inspired collection for fall 2017. The designs are simple, but bold, and are clearly designed for powerful and tough women who like a little fun.

Major take away

For INTJs and introverts, simple doesn’t mean meek. Use graphic black and white images, or one bold image, to make a statement without all the bells and whistles. Some of my favorites are below, but check out the full collection here, courtesy of Vogue.

Public School

This New York based duo brings a bit of relaxed, but cool, style to the fashion scene. Public School’s fall 2017 fashions embody the INTJ love of quirkiness.

Major take away

Comfort doesn’t mean slouchy sweats, it’s possible to look cool and put together while keeping the comfort on full blast. Some of the best looks from the collection below, but see all the looks here at Vouge.

Max Mara

I used to see Max Mara as a bit staid and old. Not anymore. For pre-fall 2017, the Italian fashion house was inspired by the interconnectedness of all things, a result of the internet and technology. This collection is, by far, one of my favorites. Hugely versatile, modern and edgy, this is a great collection for INTJs and Introverts.

Major take away

We never thought black was boring, but spice it up with major texture and/or graphic prints. Also, fluffy coats look like an introvert dream. See my favorites below, but definitely check out the rest of the collection here at Vogue.

Victoria Beckham

I covered some of Victoria Beckham’s look in the 2017 trend report last week, but I do really like her fall collection, so I’m mentioning it again. There’s Public School’s comfort cool, and Beckham’s comfort chic. If you work in a position of power, or at least want to look as if you do, take inspiration in Beckham’s simple and clean lines.

Major Take Away

Solid and simple colors make comfort look chic and powerful, rather than lazy and sloppy. If using print, go for something subtle like pin stripes or trendy like the ugly sweater look. See my picks below and check out the rest of the collection at Vouge.

Rosetta Getty

The fun thing about this collection is that it’s bold with some incognito aspects, perfect for our introvert side. I’m talking the crazy Gilligan hats here. On the flip side of the fun prints in this collection, a great utilitarian aspect is also present, which is strong and minimal.

Major Take Away

If you’re shy about going bold, wear a hat so you can’t see people looking, and mix up classic silhouettes with unexpected colors or prints. See the full collection over at vogue, and take a look at my faves below.

That completes our Pre-fall 2017 Fashion Trend report. What were some of your favorite looks? Who do you look to for fashion inspiration? Let me know in the comments below!

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