Photo Credit: Karen Walker via vogue. INTJ Fashion Trends for fall 2017

INTJ Fashion Trend Report for 2017

Girl with Stylish Hair. Photo Credit: Bill Diodato - 500187635. INTJ Fashion Trend Report for 2017.
Photo Credit: Bill Diodato – 500187635.

Whether you noticed it, or not, there were several big fashion shifts in 2016. I’m not talking about the usual suspects: color, hemlines, or material usage. I’m talking major industry-wide changes, such as fast fashion moving from trend to established business model; the rise of conscious, sustainable fashion; user-generated content with influencer marketing; and the struggle to maintain brand relevance in a world where fast innovators get to market quicker, and produce more profit. All of the disruption has created a very fashionable style of mass panic as fashion brands struggle to figure out what the consumer wants, while attempting to keep major industry upheaval at a minimum. I’m not trying to belittle fashion, but coming from the background of a tech analyst, disruptions of this sort have been commonplace for some time in other industries. For many in the fashion industry, there seemed to be a feeling that fashion itself was change; thus, the industry would not face the same disruptions as did other industries. 2016 changed all that (very punny, I know). For 2017, and beyond, fashion must accept and deal with the complicated relationship between the business of and the art of fashion, learning to embrace the new black, which is a marketplace in which data determines the focus for insight, and technology and business models are in a constant state of flux.

Of course, we, as consumers, don’t really care about the turmoil of the fashion industry. As INTJs, we may care even less. What we want to know is what to buy, if anything, and why. So, calling all INTJ fashionistas, we’ve got a 2017 Trend Report that’s just for you. Because INTJs aren’t really into trends for trends’ sake, we’ve picked some favorites that we think will stick around for a bit, maybe even longer than your favorite fashion brand. These trends are meant to be fun and to fit the INTJ aesthetic.

Before we get into 2017 Trends, though, let’s take a look at significant trends from 2016.

Significant Trends of 2016

So, there you have it, the big trends for 2016.  As we look ahead to the fashion trends of 2017, what goes? What stays? Well, Pop Sugar has their forecast out for Spring 2017. The Pop Sugar forecast focuses on categories, rather than specific details, i.e., romantic, rather than bell sleeve (which is a detail of romantic style), but their prognosticating is on point with what’s coming down the runway.

  1. Isn’t It Romantic– dramatic Victorian frills and inspiration
  2. Vacation Prints– exotic and bright prints
  3. Athleisure– comfortable gym wear you can dress up or down
  4. Sheer– the playful layering of sheer fabrics with exposure of skin
  5. Pinstripes– all about stripes of any kind
  6. Rule breaking– fashion that breaks the norm or expected
  7. 80’s glam– big shoulders and body con
  8. Pink– pink will be big especially in fuchsia

INTJ Fashion Trend Report for fall 2017

Fashion, whether it is expensive or not, requires an investment of your time and your money. INTJs tend to dislike shopping, it’s not how we want to spend our energy. In fact, for many INTJs, organizing the sock drawer sounds more exciting; that’s why we’ve identified a few of the 2017 trends that our resident INTJ and founder would wear. INTJs, when not in fit-in uniforms, march to the beat of their own drum, and 2017 is shaping up to be a very INTJ year fashion-wise.  Following, is a brief slide show of some of our favorite looks from pre-fall 2017. Not everyone has shown their looks, so, we will probably add more, but this is what we’ve seen, and loved, so far.

Always Uttori’s Fave 2017 Early Fall Fashion Looks
Key Trends for 2017
Just SLEEVE Already!
Photo Credit: Milly via vogue. INTJ Fashion Trends for fall 2017
Photo Credit: Milly via vogue
Photo Credit: Christian Siriano via INTJ Fashion Trends for fall 2017.
Photo Credit: Christian Siriano via

You may have noticed that sleeves have been a big deal since the summer. Starting with the cold shoulder trend during the summer and transitioning to bell sleeves for the fall and winter. For 2017, it will be moving to the shoulders again with puffy, or ballooned sleeves, up top. This trend is easy to get in on as lots of brands have inexpensive options for bell sleeves. Cold shoulder or cold elbow is also fun and very INTJ because it takes a plain shirt a bit punk. Speaking of…

Photo Credit: Nicole Miller via vogue. INTJ Fashion Trends for fall 2017
Photo Credit: Nicole Miller via vogue

Punk is always in fashion since it is a distinct fashion style; however, common punk aesthetics like holes everywhere from t-shirts to jeans is now super mainstream. Maybe this makes the trend boring or no longer cool; but, if you’ve been hiding your band t-shirts and distressed jeans, it’s time to pull them out again, at least for spring/summer 2017. Embrace the punk in you.

SHEER(ly) she’s a lady

Sheer has been low-key on trend for a few years now. The thing is that, while it may look cool and edgy on the runway, in real life, not everyone can, or even should, be doing sheer. Luckily, 2017 is more about classy sheer rather than sheer for the sake of sheer. This is an edgy and cool style that fits into INTJ’S minimal aesthetic. If full out Marchesa isn’t your style, a sheer mesh jacket, or raincoat, or sheer skirt under a mid-length dress, are all fun ways to incorporate this trend.


Words, slogans, embellishments, and hardware, as a trend started in 2016, but it’s going to continue into 2017. This is right up an INTJ’S alley, as we are very individualistic, and many of us have a quirky fashion sense. These days, there are lots of clothes that have great phrases or quotes, which go a long way for self-expression. Embellishment might be a more expensive trend to invest in, but it’s one that can give you a lot of mileage as, if done correctly, a gorgeous piece can be a staple for years to come. Better yet, D-I-Y and up-cycle your out-of-date fashion if you’re looking for some creative projects to do.


INTJs are out-of-the-box thinkers. As one of the trends is to break the rules, an out-of-the-box way to do so is to combine trends. Are you a pinstripe punk? A sheer prints fashionista? Love embellishing your sheer? By combining trends, you become more than just trendy, you become a trendsetter. Of course, some designers are trend combiners, too. Still, if you can’t find what you’re looking for, DIY your INTJ individualism yourself.

Trend Forecast Fall/Winter 2017

While everyone is currently talking spring/summer 2017, we INTJs are future oriented. Looking ahead to fall 2017, it’s still a bit unresolved, but many fashion designers have lowered hemlines for early fall 2017. The silhouettes run the range from 1940’s to 1980’s, but there is a definite lean toward the 1940’s in terms of length. It’s a silhouette that will be supported by TV shows like Netflix’s, The Crown, and which provides major fashion inspiration, along, perhaps, with a Christmas of tweeds. Look for Always Uttori’s royalty inspired fashion feature in November 2017.

As the year winds to a close, what are some of your favorite fashion trends from 2016? What trends are you looking forward to wearing in 2017? Anything you’d like to see become a trend? Let me know in the comments below!

Featured Image: Photo Credit: Karen Walker, Pre-fall 2017 via


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