3 spooky k-dramas to watch for halloween

3 Spooky Halloween K-dramas to watch this Halloween

3 spooky k-dramas to watch for halloween

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The Great Shaman Ga Du-Shim

Two very different high school students, the wealthy Na Woo Soo and soon to be shaman Ga Du-Shim, band together fight the powers of evil that threaten their high school.

Genres: Fantasy, Mystery, Romance

You can find this drama here: https://www.viki.com/tv/38011c-the-great-shaman-ga-doo-shim


Zombie Detective

A zombie in his second year of resurrection can’t recall his life as a human and becomes a detective to search for the truth about his past.

Genres: Comedy, Fantasy, Mystery

You can find the drama here: https://www.kocowa.com/en_us/season/17704979/zombie-detective


Sell Your Haunted House

A licensed real-estate agent teams up with a fake exorcist to fight off evil spirits, solving unfortunate mysteries and unearthing a secret together.

Genres: Comedy, Supernatural, Fantasy

You can find the drama here: https://www.kocowa.com/en_us/season/30358064/sell-your-haunted-house


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