Always Uttori Fall-i-Day Look 5

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Always Uttori Fall-i-Day Look 5. Photo Credit: Mechelle Avey. Published by

As I mentioned in the The Elusive Fashion Habits of the INTJ Female, Part 3, INTJs find style references helpful on occasion. While the INTJ female may have some intuitive knowledge about fashion and styling, intuition tends to guide our quirky fashion sense rather than our occasion appropriate, or blend-in uniform sense. For blending in, INTJs often do the research to back up their fashion choices. I bring this up because this outfit, which I call Wickstead Wannabe, is one such outfit for me. It was inspired by Sophie Hunter, British theater director and playwright (she is also the wife of Benedict Cumberbatch), who is a style icon of mine. In 2014, Sophie Hunter wore this dress, by British designer Emilia Wickstead, to the British Independent Film Awards.

I fell in love with the obvious paradoxicalness of this dress:  black faux leather paired with a lovely, and very ladylike, A-line silhouette; tomboyish, cargo-style shirt top, but undeniably tasteful and classy? To me, this dress is INTJ style all the way. Unfortunately, it also came with a designer brand price tag, which I might have sprung for . . . eventually. Maybe. Nah. Luckily, a few months after seeing this dress, I was shopping on (Minnesota just welcomed the retailer to our Mall of America. If you see me there, approach carefully, as I will undoubtedly be in the shopping zone), and I came across the lovely dress featured in my photo. I immediately thought of the Emilia Wickstead dress and snatched it up. It’s not exactly the same, but I have to say that I might like the Zara version a little better than the original inspiration. The oxblood color is great for fall, and especially for Thanksgiving. It’s modest, but ensures you don’t fade into the background. It’s also super comfortable and warm because the underside of the faux leather has a similar texture to suede.

I know there’s an argument to be made against companies like Zara creating looks similar to that of high-end designers; however, for me, the counter argument of affordability and style is equal in power. I hope to one day own a piece or two of the Wickstead designs, she’s a wonderful designer, but until the day my pocketbook agrees, Viva la Zara!

Oh For Fashion’s Sake!

Dress:  Zara
Shoes: Wild Diva