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    Top 5 Always Uttori Obsessions

    Going with our theme for the month of July (If you haven’t heard, Always Uttori is celebrating our one year anniversary this month), I think it’s time for me to share the inspirations behind our editorial focus. So, these are my confessions . . . oops, I meant obsessions, or, let’s put it this way, here are the Top 5 Always Uttori Obsessions. Fashion Ok, this one is pretty obvious; after all, this is a fashion blog, right? In part, yes, but while fashion was an inspiration for me to start this blog, it’s not the sole focus of the blog, nor is it a personal all-encompassing obsession. The truth…

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  • Green Apple Sucker with Caramel Apple Ice Cream. Photo Credit: I'mari Avey. Alwaysuttori.com

    UTTORI FOOD: Caramel Apple Ice Cream

    Have you ever had those green apple suckers covered with caramel? I love them. They are the best candy in the world! I never thought anything could top them until, one day, at Dairy Queen, I discovered Green Caramel Apple Blizzard. I’d found my happy place. I’m sure you know what came next. Multiple visits to DQ.  October came and went in a haze of ice cream joy. It was January when I arrived at Dairy Queen only to discover that my beloved Green Caramel Apple Blizzard was no longer available because it was (quelle horreur!)  seasonal? Who wants a mere chocolate dipped cone after falling in love with a caramel apple…

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  • Always Uttori: Goodbye, Summer.

    The Twin Cities Guide to Ice Cream

    Sometimes, for an introvert, it’s hard to get out of the house. Although I’m pretty introverted, I can be enticed out by good food. Because of that, I’ve explored lots of restaurants in the Twin Cities, but I hadn’t explored what the cities have to offer in terms of my greatest food love—ice cream. That’s why I decided to spend a bit of time visiting a few of the best known ice cream shops in the Twin Cities. I didn’t make it to all of the spots on my list, but as fall is almost upon us, I thought I’d share my review of some of the tasty treats I’ve tried as we enjoy the last hurrah of summer. Grand Ole…

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