Alternate Universe

Alternate Universe Fashions represent those times when the INTJ must interact with the world. A friend gets married. You get invited to an event.  Life happens, and you can't escape the need to go out and be a part of things. It's not your universe, it's an alternate one.



Aspire Fashions are for those moments when your style slays like the INTJ femme dangel that you are. The world becomes your runway.  Who says that INTJ femmes don't know fashion. When we do fashion, we own it.

Keeping it Introverted

Keeping it Introverted fashions are fashions that reflect an INTJ in their element - at home, or wherever they find their joy. The looks are quirky, individualized, and very introverted.


Outfit of the Day

Call it what you will - a uniform, the basic's basics, the standards. These looks are what we wear when we must get dressed for our day to day.