Always Uttori Holiday | Blue Christmas

Blue Christmas, P1. Photo Credit: All Rights Reserved. Always Uttori Holiday| Blue Christmas

Always Uttori Holiday | Blue Christmas

Now that we’ve finished our homage to The Crown, it’s time to move on to our December Holiday 2017 Fashion editorials. This year, we’re all about color. Well, not really color colors. When I say color, I mean INTJ colors: Blue. Red. White. Black. We’re sticking to the basics here. The first few weeks of December will be functional fashion for your Christmas party needs and the final few weeks . . . well, we’ve got our fingers crossed that we will  have New Year’s fashion looks ready to go. No promises, though.

This navy blue Christmas slip dress is elegant, sophisticated, and yet, won’t break the bank. The dress is simple and minimalist, and perfect for the INTJ, who wants to go from Christmas party to a comfy bed topped by a pile of warm blankets, great read in hand, all without changing clothes. You can wash your makeup off later. The avant-garde jacket paired with this look actually is a blanket. Yes, I used a chunky hand-knitted (by my grandmother) blanket as a jacket(saves time on that from party to comfort style). INTJs are nothing if not unconventional, and our holiday fashion should be, too. If you don’t want to wear a blanket with your slip style dress, a long duster style cardigan or leather jacket will help to play up the simplicity of the dress.

Oh, for Fashion’s Sake!

Dress: Forever21

Shoes: Missguided

Note: I have to be honest, this dress wrinkled quickly, so the silkiness is the work of Photoshop. Choose a dress like this only if you don’t mind being that girl in the wrinkled dress.