Uttori Life Magazine Vol. 1

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Uttori Life Magazine- Introvert Holiday Magazine
Uttori Life Magazine- Introvert Holiday Magazine

Hey Uttori Readers,

Big news!

Uttori Life, Always Uttori’s first digital magazine, is live now! Check out this preview gif, and scroll down for the full magazine below!

 Read the Magazine below!

About the magazine:

It’s been a little quiet around here lately, but that’s because we’ve been working on this project behind the scenes for over 8 months.

Uttori Life is an introvert lifestyle magazine with fashion, food, crafts, and more! We collaborated with 7 awesome women to highlight the diverse talent of the introvert community.

As you read the magazine you’ll get to know the collaborators and see their work.

We hope you enjoy the magazine! Be sure to drop us a comment and share your thoughts.

Magazine Supplement: 

If you’re in need of some introvert inspiration, get to know our collaborators better! Check them out below!

Meet the INTJ Task Force- Vanessa Skotnitsky

Instagram: @wild_empress

Facebook: Wild Empress Photography

YouTube: Wild Empress

Meet the INTJ Task Force- Angel Lynne

Instagram: @mapchild


Meet the INTJ Task Force - Brooke Wilkerson

Instagram: @sewbrooke


Meet the INTJ Task Force- Elizabeth Geiser

Instagram: @resplendent_artist

Meet the Task Force- X.S Schwinning

Instagram: @schwinning123

Schwinning Tales

Meet the INTJ Task Force - Astra Williams

Instagram: @astra_williams

Meet the INTJ Task Force- Rachel Winegardner

And Rachel Winegardner who you can find on linkedin