Always Uttori Hong Kong Food Guide

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A Hong Kong Food Guide

Welcome to the Always Uttori Hong Kong Food Guide. Hong Kong is one of the major food capitals of the world. The food options are numerous and oh so delicious. I’ve barely scratched the surface of Hong Kong food during my time in the country, but I’ve created a starter list of a few spots that you may want to … Read More

Global Fashion Outlook 2018

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Wincy Lui. Photo Credit: I'mari Avey. Global Fashion Outlook 2018.

Hey, Uttori readers! Spring 2017 is barely here and already the fashion industry is thinking spring/summer 2018. Always Uttori was lucky enough to attend the Asia Global Sources Exhibition in Hong Kong yesterday (as part of my fashion management studies). To be honest, it was overwhelming, but I wanted to share  what I saw, and give you a heads up … Read More

Travel Brain: Three Reasons Travel is Great for the INTJ Brain

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Photo Credit: ONOKY - Fabrice LEROUGE - 177266207 Three Reasons Travel is Great for the INTJ Brain

Who doesn’t love to travel? After a recent move to Hong Kong to pursue an MFA, travel has definitely been on my mind. While the transition hasn’t been as smooth as I would have liked, I do have one consolation to some of my relocation woes: travel is good for the brain. You may have heard that travel improves brain … Read More

Introvert Life: Spring Staycation

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Staycation Glamping . Photo credit: Mechelle Avey. Introvert Life: Staycation.

It’s spring and wanderlust is in the air, but a serious case of spring blues can crop up if you don’t have any travel plans of your own. Instead of looking mournfully through your friend’s vacation photos, why not plan your very own stay-at-home, don’t even go to the mall vacation, or “staycation?” Yes, I know that a staycation is … Read More

Wanderlust Travel Essentials

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Always Uttori Travel Essentials. Photo Credit: I'mari Avey. Wanderlust Travel Essentials.

Travel plans this spring? As for me, I’m finally headed to Hong Kong so travel is very much on my mind. Preparing for any trip requires a lot of coordination, to ease the stress of a long drive or flight, there are certain travel essentials that you can pack to help make the journey more comfortable. A quick search on … Read More