Always Uttori's Top 10 2016 Fashion Looks from Tom Ford


Always Uttori's Top 10 2016 Fashion Looks from Tom Ford

Always Uttori Presents: Tom Ford Fall 2016 Ready-to-Wear Collection Photos – Vogue

It’s New York Fashion Week. I’ve been scouring the runway shows for some of the best looks in INTJ fashion. INTJs are very specific in their fashion tastes. We love dark, quirky, individualistic fashion that speaks to our rich inner worlds. Far too often, fashion designers focus on the quirk Love and Baseball

Love and Baseball

Today’s look gets me right in my secret INTJ heart. Black, flowy, comfortable, quirky, cool, and dangerous. For me, the look represents my inner persona captured to perfection. If I could wear clothes like this every day, I would. Instead, I’m one of the INTJs who dresses to social context;

Always Uttori: Birthday Girl

Celebrating Like It’s My Birthday, Girl!

  As mentioned in my nail art post, it’s my birthday month! So, in my honor, I’m sharing a throwback look to something I wore out (alternate universe) on a previous birthday. By the way, Happy Birthday to all the September INTJ babies out there! I like having a September birthday,

Fairy-ish: Expressing the INTJ’s Introverted Intuition Aspect

Today’s ASPIRE look represents something that is near and dear to me. As an INTJ and dominate introverted intuition user, expressing my creative inner life can be difficult. Because I am an introvert, and my dominant function is also introverted, I interact with the world through my extroverted thinking function.

Always Uttori: Femme Dangel

Femme Dangel – INTJ Female

INTJ females have been told all kinds of crazy, but perhaps the craziest crazy they are told is that, because they’re rational, due to the extroverted thinking aspect of their cognition style, it somehow makes them masculine. What the what??? As a proud INTJ femme, I would have to, rationally,

Striped Dress Feature Photo

INTJ Wedding Guest Bliss

Now that summer is coming to an end, the wedding season is also winding down.  However, love was in the air this past summer as two of my friends got engaged, and I attended the wedding of a family friend. I’ve been to a couple of weddings, but I still wanted to refresh

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