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Throwback Thursday: Marina and the Diamonds Concert

Happy almost Halloween! We’re back, and if you’re looking for the final installment of the Mastermind series look for that this weekend. We are a little behind due to some technical difficulties.

Today, instead of a Subtleween look, I’m sharing a special throwback Thursday look.

Last October, I was lucky enough to see Marina in the Diamonds in concert. I’m a huge fan (see INTJ music playlist: INTJ Female and Proud), but since she is from the U.K., I didn’t think I would ever get to see her in concert unless the stars aligned. So, I was ecstatic when I found out she would be stopping in Minneapolis on her Froot tour. Since going to a Marina and the Diamonds concert was pretty much on my bucket list, there was no way I was missing her stop here. Plus, I knew I had to go all out on my concert outfit, so, in true INTJ fashion, I prepared ahead of time. I spent almost 3 months planning both my Marina and Diamonds (MaD) attire, and the makeup look that would complement it.


Sometimes an outfit inspires the makeup. Sometimes, the makeup inspires the outfit. The latter was the case for me. The first thing I knew I was going to use in the look were these false lashes with bows on them. For some strange reason I don’t remember, I put them on my Christmas wish list and ended up getting them as a gift… ¯_(ツ)_/¯ Once I had them, I couldn’t figure out when I would ever wear them, until the MaD concert that is! Marina has really quirky style, so her concert was the perfect time for me to go quirky cool with my makeup. One of her most iconic lyrics comes from the song, “How to Be a Heartbreaker” from the Electra Heart album. The lyric advises: “Wear your heart on your cheek, but never on your sleeve. . .” So, many Marina fan makeup looks incorporate a heart on the cheek.

The Hair:

That double bun trend was going around last summer as well, so I decided that would be a great style to wear for my hair. Over the 4th of July, I found these cool fiber optic light clips for your hair. Unfortunately, the lights don’t show up well in the pictures, but they worked really well in the dark concert hall.

The Fashion:

For this concert, I wanted my style to be on fleek from my head to my feet. So, when this pair of coral sugar skull shoes from Iron Fist went on sale (I had been eyeing them for about a month), I snatched them up. To be honest, the coral color stumped me for a bit. Coral can be a hard color to match, but I was determined to find something that worked, so much so, that I actually didn’t settle on the outfit I would wear until about a week before the concert.

As any dedicated fashionista knows, an outfit can be categorized by color, pattern, or texture. For MaD, I ended up with a really great texture story all in black. I matched a stitched, faux leather skirt (the same skirt that was featured in Birthday Girl), embellished with double-chain detailing on the hem with what I call the “dragon” shirt. The dragon shirt also has faux leather and tool cutouts layered up the right arm and neck. It’s definitely a dramatic shirt. To tie the outfit together with the shoes, I wore black and white tights. With so much drama, a chrome bracelet was the only accessory needed to provide the finishing touch.

I should mention that these pictures were taken a year ago, before I even launched this blog. The concert pictures weren’t taken with the intention of showing up on a fashion blog, so my own photos are pretty grainy, and I was only able to find a couple that were decent enough to post. To compensate for the bad quality, I edited them to be fun.

Oh for Fashion’s Sake!:

Shirt: Gracia

Skirt: TCEC

Shoes: Iron Fist

Bag: Henri Bendel


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