October Contest Heads Up!


Hey, Uttori Dangels. October is just a few days away. Because INTJs like to know the low down ahead of time, I wanted to warn our loyal readers, who might have come to expect INTJ articles on Tuesday and Cognition Branding articles on Wednesday, there will be a few changes to the blog during October. Hopefully, you will find the changes fun . . .  and spooky.

Along with the changes to the article days, we will also be celebrating Halloween, but we will celebrate it the INTJ way. Subtly. Instead of sharing Halloween fashion looks, we will share Subtleween fashion looks (more on this to come on Saturday).  Additionally, Always Uttori will be hosting our very first contest – Always Uttori’s Subtleween Contest (the details for the contest will be available on Saturday). So, please check back on Saturday, as we have some new team members to introduce, and the contest details to share. In November, Always Uttori will return to our regular publishing schedule.

Always Uttori

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