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I Need Your Feedback!!!

Hi Uttori Readers,

Guess what! Always Uttori has reached a blogging milestone! Two months in, and we’ve already been approached to be a brand ambassador. I have to admit that I was incredibly flattered. Not to mention, I never expected the level of engagement that we’ve had from our readers! Actually, I’m not sure that I expected to have readers, so thank you. Thank you so much. I truly appreciate the feedback and opinions that I’ve gotten so far. I do take everyone’s comments into consideration when developing new content. It’s for this reason that I turned down the opportunity to be a brand ambassador for the-brand-that-shall-not-be-named. It’s not that the product wasn’t interesting, but I’m an INTJ, and frankly, I don’t want to hawk a bunch of stuff that neither I, nor Always Uttori readers, would find valuable or interesting. The market is saturated enough with hyped products that most of us don’t want or need.

Pink Accessories

Even so, the offer got me thinking. In the future, if I should again be lucky enough to be approached to be a brand ambassador, what sort of brands, products, fashion, or services would you guys find interesting? We’ve already thought up some new content based on reader suggestions. For example, we may try to do challenge posts. What’s a challenge post? Well, one reader said that she only shops at hunting and fishing stores for clothes. I couldn’t help but wonder if an INTJ could find an outfit she felt reflected her rich inner world at a store like Cabelos, or Mills Fleet Farm. How do you INTJ a duck call thingy?  The fact of the matter is that INTJs exist in many different worlds. Understanding the INTJ cognition, and reflecting that cognition through fashion is a challenge, but it’s fun.  We hope to articles featuring such challenges in the future.

Always Uttori Behind the Lens

The fact of the matter is that we’re old school here. We want our audience to trust us to represent INTJ values and viewpoints. For us to do that, we have to listen.  It’s something we are eager to do. And, while we are on the topic, are there any fashion, INTJ, INTJ female, MBTI, cognition branding, food, culture, travel, or beauty topics you would like to see on our site? INTJs are planners, right? So, while I already have a year’s worth of content planned out, I’m always looking for new ideas and topics to explore. If it’s something you haven’t seen talked about before, even better. Please let me know in the comments. I would really appreciate it!

The Uttori Team

As I mentioned earlier, I never really expected to have very many people follow the Always Uttori blog. For me, it is a labor of love, and a rebuttal of the dowdy INTJ.  However, if I can build it into a truly viable business, that would be okay, too.  Still, that’s something I can’t do without readers. So, for your support, your encouragement, and your enthusiasm, we (our team) thank you.  We may be introverts, but when we band together, we are an army of fierce, intelligent people. United we can, and are, changing the world as part of the quiet revolution.

Thank you,

Imari 🙂

P.S. We’re hosting our first ever contest in October, so please be on the look-out for that. If you don’t follow @alwayuttori on instagram, now is the time to join us there! We have a lot of fun INTJ things in store. We hope will you find them as much fun as we do.

P.P.S. We just got a new camera – a Nikon. Yay! Look for much improved pictures on the website. It will be so nice to not have to edit things so weirdly.  Of course, most of the photos for the year have already been taken, but still . . . new camera! Better photos. Who knew there could be so much joy.




2 Replies to “I Need Your Feedback!!!”

  1. Ashe Skyler says:

    Very exciting! And unsurprising you turned it down. I dunno about other INTJ women, but I am a horrible salesman. All the products I’ve been asked to sell I was expected to say the usual “this is the best product in the world and you’re an ignorant loser if you don’t use it.” I, of course, would inform them of the basic capabilities without the hype, and if questioned would tell them about a range of similar products that was more suited to their needs. Needless to say, I never had many sales.

    I am a sucker for culture. No matter how minor or major, I love to hear about the histories, traditions, quirks, passions, and aversions of various cities, states, provinces, countries, etc. Sometimes I find we do something radically different, sometimes it’s a moment of “you too!?” Hrm, along the same lines, that would be a good way to discuss one of the practical sides of fashion, such as types of fabric to wear depending on climate and/or location. Here in the South it’s so muggy that you have to be downright masochistic to wear something suffocating like polyester from about April or May to September to October. But that’s pretty much all they sell in the dressy/formalish department and the designers don’t seem to care about climate (or the fact that pretty much everybody sweats, so there needs to be more focus on heat- and sweat-friendly fabrics), much less cognitive preferences like us INTJs with our beloved pockets. And since our designers also forget we do have some cold weather, there’s nothing really warm when the thermometer flirts with 10 degrees Fahrenheit aside from a light jacket or very thin sweaters unless you go the hunting stores, and they don’t really take you seriously at an office job when you look like you bagged Bambi on your way to work that morning. Or robbed your husband’s closet since men tend to have lovely warm and fluffy things to wear. I pretty much wear thermals and several layers from November to March. I’m always all ears to tips from folks from colder climates that are used to dressing for extra chilly weather.

    And congrats on the new camera! Y’all always have stunning pictures here and a Nikon is sure to uphold that.

    • Always Uttori says:

      Hi Ashe!
      Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback. It is very true that INTJs find selling things hard unless they actually do like the product. But, even then, there can be a lack of enthusiasm if they are forced to be disingenuous. I worked in retail for a season and found I could care less when we had meetings discussing our past historical sales numbers. It’s strange to expect to get the same number of sales as you did the year past.
      Anyway, you brought up a lot of interesting points. I am a former Global Studies major, so I too love discussing and learning about cultural things. I remember you liked the Korean Drama articles! I don’t have any culture centric articles planned in the near future, though I do have some travel stories that got pushed back. Next month, we will have a some global food recipes, but I will look for ways to talk about culture more often!
      The types of fabric designers use is also very important. It could be what the stores carry for different locals. I know that if I visit a large franchise like H&M or Forever 21 in a different state, they often have very different selections of clothes (often cuter in my opinion, fashion in the Midwest tends to be on the dowdy side). High end designers may design based on location or activity, whereas mass production may just pick the most cheap or convenient fabric. It is an interesting topic to think about. Living up North, I try to avoid silk in the winter as it doesn’t retain warmth and anytime it moves off your skin becomes cold. Usually layering is best. A tank top with a shirt on top keeps heat close to the body and then you can wear whatever shirt over it depending on the situation. Sweaters or jackets are also a big staple in my winter wardrobe and you can’t go wrong with some fuzzy socks for relaxing and lounging. I’m not sure how easy it is to find a good sweater in the South, but maybe you could find some online.
      Also thank you for the kind compliment about our pictures 🙂 the new camera cuts down on editing time, but we took quite a few pictures with the old one so there is still a good mix of both in upcoming articles.

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