Blue Jean Summer

Always Uttori, Blue jean shorts
I’ve said it before. We don’t get enough summer in Minnesota, which is a real shame. I love the heat (probably more than native Minnesotans, as I was born in Texas).  So, when it’s nice out, I’ve got to soak it up. In the above photo, the Vero Moda shirt, which I got from Mod Cloth, is airy and cool.  I like the sporty vibe of the collar, which gives the shirt an updated preppy feel. It’s the perfect shirt to brave the summer heat in. In the same theme of updated looks, I’m in love with these lace tennis shoes. Lace, a common summer fashion trend, can be way too fussy for INTJ sensibilities. Lace sneakers take this common trend and turn them into something an INTJ can wear without feeling too frou-frou. The shoes add a touch of feminine to a sporty blue jean summer look.


Shirt: Vero Moda

Shorts: Forever 21

Socks: Cynthia Rowley

Shoes: Designed by Ollio


We’re working with an older Sony DSLR which puts lots of color noise in the pictures, so we tend to use lots of blurring and filters.  The first photo uses a washed tint gradient. The one below is high vibrancy with lots of color saturation to celebrate the full green of summer.

Blue Jeans shorts with preppy shirt


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