Invested. Photo Credit: Mechelle Avey.

Alternate Universe

Invested. Photo Credit: Mechelle Avey.


September is almost over, but we’ve got a couple¬†more Slay-the-Books Looks to share. This 4th STB look is all about maintaining ready-for-anything style when you need it most¬†‚ÄĒ say¬†a¬†dreaded class presentation, or, better yet, a¬†group project with the hottie two rows over. Truthfully, for the INTJ, fashion isn’t¬†really about being

Always Uttori: Birthday Girl

Celebrating Like It’s My Birthday, Girl!

  As¬†mentioned in my nail art post, it’s my birthday month! So, in my honor, I‚Äôm sharing a throwback look to something I wore out (alternate universe) on a previous birthday. By the way, Happy Birthday to all the September INTJ babies out there! I like having a September birthday,

I'mari Avey, Gaylord's Hotel Arboretum, 2016

An Introvert Takes Nashville

Maybe an introvert takes Nashville is a bit too strong. Still, I have been to Nashville on many¬†occasions, though always only¬†for a single¬†night stopover.¬†Because I’ve only ever experienced¬†Nashville for a¬†night each time, I am better acquainted with Nashville¬†hotels than with the actual city. My favorite place to stay, if only

Girl on Stairs

Lady in the Red Knitted Dove Cardigan

This outfit is about the cardigan. The jewels do all the talking so you don‚Äôt have to. This look is classic¬†INTJ¬†.¬†What’s INTJ about it? It’s nothing more than a white tee-shirt with white shorts. It’s basic. Simple. Simple. Simple. The red cardigan pulls it all together and provides¬†a hint of

Romeo & Juliet A-Line Couture

INTJ Fashion – A Walk in Savannah

  A Walk in Savannah This dress could be called, ‚ÄúA Walk in Savannah.‚ÄĚ I wore the dress on a recent, and very busy, trip to Savannah, Georgia. The photo was taken during the hottest part of the day (a no-no, I know-know).¬†Savannah is a city of contrasts. The oldest

Potter’s Pasties Food Truck

As a card carrying member of the INTJ-cognition club, one of the few ways to get me out of the house is to bribe me with the promise of good food. I had heard about a sushi burrito food truck making the rounds in Minneapolis, and I wanted to try

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