Celebrating Like It’s My Birthday, Girl!

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Always Uttori: Birthday Girl

  As mentioned in my nail art post, it’s my birthday month! So, in my honor, I’m sharing a throwback look to something I wore out (alternate universe) on a previous birthday. By the way, Happy Birthday to all the September INTJ babies out there! I like having a September birthday, but September is a busy month. A lot of people … Read More

An Introvert Takes Nashville

Always UttoriAlternate Universe, FASHstyle

I'mari Avey, Gaylord's Hotel Arboretum, 2016

Maybe an introvert takes Nashville is a bit too strong. Still, I have been to Nashville on many occasions, though always only for a single night stopover. Because I’ve only ever experienced Nashville for a night each time, I am better acquainted with Nashville hotels than with the actual city. My favorite place to stay, if only for the photographic opportunities, is Gaylord’s Hotel. It’s more of … Read More

INTJ Fashion – A Walk in Savannah

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Romeo & Juliet A-Line Couture

  A Walk in Savannah This dress could be called, “A Walk in Savannah.” I wore the dress on a recent, and very busy, trip to Savannah, Georgia. The photo was taken during the hottest part of the day (a no-no, I know-know). Savannah is a city of contrasts. The oldest city in Georgia, it is a city filled with echoes … Read More

Potter’s Pasties Food Truck

Always UttoriAlternate Universe, FASHstyle

As a card carrying member of the INTJ-cognition club, one of the few ways to get me out of the house is to bribe me with the promise of good food. I had heard about a sushi burrito food truck making the rounds in Minneapolis, and I wanted to try it out. Unfortunately, the truck wasn’t at the location I’d … Read More