January INTJ Challenge: Let’s Get Real!

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We began this month with an exploration of newly emerging identity frameworks and how they might be used as a starting place for the annual practice of goal-setting. Identity frameworks, such as MBTI, Enneagram, Five Factor, and others are a good starting point for us to imagine the path we’d like our lives to take.

Always Uttori Hotties of Instagram 2018 Rules

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Our readers are looking for a hero. No, I don’t mean a guy who dons a red cape, rides a white stallion, and rescues damsels in distress. I’m talking about a guy who takes the time to understand them; a guy who doesn’t have to be the center of attention, a guy who has patience for guardedness, who accepts the imperfections of paradox; a guy who is not threatened by, and who respects, independence. A true hero is competent, reflective, committed, and intelligent. If that’s you, let us share your story and your Instagram through our 2018 Always Uttori Instagram Hotties Promotion. We will be selecting up to 8 Instagrams to highlight during the month of February. Yours could be one of them. Want to find out how?

INTJ Mastermind | Viable Identities, pt. 2

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Identity. What is it? How is it defined? Does the definition have enough clarity to be used as a constant that can bridge a wide variety of situations? Some say no. There are many in the social sciences who believe that a person’s identity cannot operate independently from a social context – even a hermit is a hermit because he rejects society – so changes in social structures lead to changes in the definition of identity, thereby making a clear and consistent definition of identity impossible.

Uttori Fashion | 5 Get Fit Fashion Looks For 2018

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Uttori Fashion | 5 Get Fit Fashion Looks For 2018

For many, January is a time of renewing commitment to a healthy lifestyle by adding (or re-adding) exercise to our daily routine. Exercise is also one of the resolutions that gets abandoned pretty quickly in the new year.