INTJ. The introverted intuitive, who loves a mystery or theory. The extroverted thinker, who loves analyzing and solving problems. The introverted feeler who knows their own heart and wants everyone else to make sense. And the extroverted sensor who just might like fashion and the finer things in life. We are the INTJ femme masterminds, who like to dig deeper and learn more about ourselves. These articles discuss the INTJ cognitive expression in a deeper context than on the rest of the blog.

Myers-Briggs is fun, but we are reaching the limits of discussion by focusing solely on the theory of Myers-Briggs and it's expression. Cognition branding articles seek to apply cognition style to problems facing brands in practical applications. These are theoretical articles discussing how brands can utilize cognition style to become more cognitive aware and reach their audiences better and more authentically.

The best thoughts come at 2 A.M. A catch all section for miscellaneous articles and 2 A.M. thoughts.