INTJ Music Playlist #13: INTJ Female and Proud

INTJ Music Playlist #13: INTJ Female and Proud It’s our one year anniversary here at Always Uttori, and some of our most popular posts in the last year have been our music playlists. Our very first music playlist was INTJ Female and Proud, and while we’ve added to the playlist a few times throughout the [...]

INTJ Playlist #12: Help I’m feeling an Emotion

INTJ Playlist #12: Help I’m feeling an Emotion Over the last few weeks we’ve been talking about mental health and managing emotions. That Americans are feeling tense and uncertain at this point in time in our history is undeniable. INTJ Playlist #12: Help, I'm feeling an emotion is music that encourages you as you deal [...]

INTJ Playlist #11: Creativity Inspiration

INTJ Playlist #11: Creativity Inspiration Happy May! This month’s playlist: INTJ Playlist #11: Creativity Inspiration, is about feeding your creative process with instrumental music. Late musician and non-conformist, Frank Zappa, had this to say about music: "Information is not knowledge. Knowledge is not wisdom. Wisdom is not truth. Truth is not beauty. Beauty is not love. Love is [...]

INTJ Playlist #10: Thought-Provoking

INTJ Playlist #10: Thought-Provoking It’s April and this month’s theme is all about being fresh. So clear the cobwebs from your brain and let’s get thought-provoking with our music list this month. Scroll down or click here to get you mind whirring. Shout,  Tears for Fears The song, Shout by Tears for Fears is one [...]

INTJ Music Playlist #9: Wanderlust

Spring break is just around the corner, so what better time to get your travel playlist in order? I, myself, will be headed to Hong Kong to begin my MFA in fashion management. So what will I be listening on the fourteen hour flight? Well, I've got some great stories picked out, but I’ll also [...]

INTJ Music Playlist #8: Paradoxical Love

We often talk about paradoxes in the INTJ community. For the INTJ female, love is the ultimate paradox. It's a lot of work to pull us in, but once we're there, we're one of the most committed types. So, whether you’re tethered or single, love can be complicated for the INTJ female. This playlist will [...]