Always Uttori New Year | Bow and Flow

Always Uttori New Year | Bow and Flow: New Year’s resolutions have been made. Now all that’s left is getting ready for the midnight countdown.

Always Uttori New Year’s Eve Fashion 2017

Always Uttori New Year's Eve Fashion 2018: If you're part of the in-crowd, but you want to stand out this New Year's Eve, never fear, we've got three fab style looks for New Year's Eve 2018 so that you can make sure that you celebrate the end of the year in perfect style.

Introvert Life – New Year’s Fashion Look 5

As this year draws to a close, I offer up my introvert fashionista prayer for 2017: May my opportunities be many, my mind sharp, and my clothes be a reflection of a bright and active inner life. INTJs tend to be low-key in their fashion choices; however, when we celebrate we go all out. Ring [...]

Introvert Life – New Year’s Fashion Look 1

Introvert Life - New Year's Fashion Look 1 It’s officially December, so it’s time to kick off our holiday fashion styles for INTJ Femme Dangels. I know INTJs are introverts who would rather stay home, but when you must get out, then go all out. Because INTJ females have such powerful imaginations, we tend to [...]