Why Being an INTJ Female is Great

Why being an INTJ Female is Great(edited) Though it may take a bit of time, we always try to answer questions that we get on the website. Sometimes those questions come in the form of searches. One of the more recent site searches went something like: Why Don't People Like INTJ  Females? Hmmm.  For me, [...]

Part 2: Surviving Two INTJ kids: Please, Someone Help Us! Sincerely, AN INFJ and An (E/I) NTP Parent

Last week, I interviewed my INFJ mom on her thoughts about raising 2 INTJ kids. This week, the spotlight is on my E/I NTP dad, which is, incidentally, just the way he likes it. As a quick side note, my dad is an ambivert, which means that some days he is more introverted; and other days [...]

Surviving Two INTJ Kids: Perspectives From the Other Side

Surviving Two INTJ kids: Please, Someone Help Us! Sincerely, AN INFJ and An (E/I) NTP Parent Is it nature, nurture, or some combination of the two that makes up who we are? How does nurture influence our cognition style? It's impossible to say; but it would be impossible to disqualify the role that parenting has [...]

Introvert Life: The Thankful INTJ

The Thankful INTJ Happy Thanksgiving 2017, Femme Dangels. From the staff at Always Uttori, we wish you a warm and safe Thanksgiving holiday. It’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving is this Thursday. In the spirit of the season, I would like to share some of the things that I, as an INTJ, am thankful for. [...]

The INTJ Mastermind Series Part 2: Mastering the Mind, Section 2

The Three Disciplines of INTJ Mastermind Mastery Mastering your INTJ cognition is not something that happens overnight. Mastermind Mastery is not a product that can be bought through an infomercial. There is no one size fits all INTJ mindset - despite shared cognitive tendencies. There are, however, certain practices, disciplines, whatever you want to call [...]

Building Customer Affinity Through MBTI

Building Customer Affinity Through MBTI Because I am a business/data analyst, it's tempting for me to believe that data is the savior of, well, everything. Unfortunately, that's not the case. It is especially not the case in the area of marketing and customer engagement. After all the data is collected, after the insights have been [...]