INTJ Playlist #12: Help I’m feeling an Emotion

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Suppressed Emotions. Photo Credit - PeopleImages - 534157151. INTJ Mastermind: A Theory of States.

Over the last few weeks we’ve been talking about mental health and managing emotions. That Americans are feeling tense and uncertain at this point in time in our history is undeniable. INTJ Playlist #12: Help, I’m feeling an emotion is music that encourages you as you deal with the emotions we all feel. Here, at Always Uttori, we are great … Read More

INTJ Mastering Mastermind States 2

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Woman Shooting Glitter through her brain. Photo Credit: Tara Moore-682304913. INTJ Mastering Mastermind States 2.

It is easy to believe that because INTJs are rationals who enjoy problem-solving, that it somehow frees us from problems WITH our thinking. Yet, all humans have cognitive biases, and while MBTI can be a starting point for better understanding of yourself and others, there are several things MBTI is not. MBTI is never a validation that because you are … Read More