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    Top 5 Always Uttori Obsessions

    Going with our theme for the month of July (If you haven’t heard, Always Uttori is celebrating our one year anniversary this month), I think it’s time for me to share the inspirations behind our editorial focus. So, these are my confessions . . . oops, I meant obsessions, or, let’s put it this way, here are the Top 5 Always Uttori Obsessions. Fashion Ok, this one is pretty obvious; after all, this is a fashion blog, right? In part, yes, but while fashion was an inspiration for me to start this blog, it’s not the sole focus of the blog, nor is it a personal all-encompassing obsession. The truth…

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    MBTI and the Five Factors of Personality

    Intro A few weeks ago, we talked about the Enneagram test, a personality test that complements the Myers-Briggs Type Indicators quite well. Today, we are going to talk about another measure of personality, the Five Factors of Personality (also known as Big Five). There are many similarities between MBTI and the Five Factors of Personality. This article gives you a brief introduction into the Five Factors, and how it relates to MBTI. Five Factors of Personality The Five Factors of Personality are based on the hypothesis that personality traits that are important eventually become a part of the language, and that the most important traits can be described by a…

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    A Quick Guide to Enneagram and the INTJ

    A Quick Guide to Enneagram and the INTJ If you’re someone who is interested in personality profiles, like Myers Briggs, it’s likely that you have come across the Enneagram before. Besides being yet another personality profile, fans of Enneagram can use the test together with Myers Briggs to deepen understanding of the personalities of others, and, more importantly for the purposes of this article, to set a path for self-development. To understand how the two type indicators work together to achieve these goals, it’s important to understand the history behind, and the purpose for, each personality indicator. In Minnesota, Myers-Briggs is routinely given to senior high school students with, I…

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    The INTJ Mastermind Series Part 4: Systematization Toolkit

    Welcome back to another installment of the INTJ Mastermind Series. Today, we’re sharing tools from our Mastermind Systematization kit. If you missed the previous posts, you can check out part 1 here, part 2.0 here, and part 2.5 here. As always, I would love to know your thoughts on this, and any other blog post. It also seems appropriate to remind our beloved readers that my views are speculative in nature. I’m not a trained psychologist, nor am I certified to administer any type of personality test. However, as a former business analyst and management consultant, I have been exposed to a broad range of ideas and various systems of management…

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    MBTI Manifesto

    AN MBTI Manifesto 2016 can be described as many things. In the fashion industry, it was, surprisingly, a year of manifestos. See here, and here. The rest of us have been plodding along, just trying to make it through all of 2016’s depressing news. Now, as we are in the second week of a new year, I think it may just be time to draft a manifesto for MBTI.  Do we really need a manifesto? Probably not, but in doing research for this blog, I have repeatedly encountered arguments that seem to indicate MBTI is for the weak-minded. It is for people who wish to label themselves. It is, some…

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    Part 2: Surviving Two INTJ kids: Please, Someone Help Us! Sincerely, AN INFJ and An (E/I) NTP Parent

    Last week, I interviewed my INFJ mom on her thoughts about raising 2 INTJ kids. This week, the spotlight is on my E/I NTP dad, which is, incidentally, just the way he likes it. As a quick side note, my dad is an ambivert, which means that some days he is more introverted; and other days he is more extroverted. This doesn’t affect his MBTI type much as INTPs and ENTPs have the same functions, the order of the functions are just switched. Anyway, on with the interview.   E/I NTP Perspective   How Would You Describe INTJ Children? I find INTJ personalities fascinating. Even though both of my children are…

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