How to Be a Modern Princess: Etiquette for the INTJ Princess

  How to Be a Modern Princess: Etiquette for the INTJ Princess In this day and age, etiquette, and to be clear, I'm speaking of the proper sort, is well past being a dying art form. There are any number of reasons for the death of social niceties, most of which get trotted out on [...]

INTJ Mastering Mastermind States 2

INTJ Mastering Mastermind States 2 It is easy to believe that because INTJs are rationals who enjoy problem-solving, that it somehow frees us from problems WITH our thinking. Yet, all humans have cognitive biases, and while MBTI can be a starting point for better understanding of yourself and others, there are several things MBTI is [...]

INTJ March Mastermind Challenge

INTJ March Mastermind Challenge It’s a new month and that means it’s time for the next INTJ challenge. Thanks to all who took on last month’s challenge, which was to talk to someone you like, but haven’t spoken to for a while. If you participated, I hope reconnecting was fun. It's easy to come up [...]

The INTJ Mastermind Series Part 2: Mastering the Mind, Section 2

The Three Disciplines of INTJ Mastermind Mastery Mastering your INTJ cognition is not something that happens overnight. Mastermind Mastery is not a product that can be bought through an infomercial. There is no one size fits all INTJ mindset - despite shared cognitive tendencies. There are, however, certain practices, disciplines, whatever you want to call [...]