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    Top 5 Always Uttori Obsessions

    Going with our theme for the month of July (If you haven’t heard, Always Uttori is celebrating our one year anniversary this month), I think it’s time for me to share the inspirations behind our editorial focus. So, these are my confessions . . . oops, I meant obsessions, or, let’s put it this way, here are the Top 5 Always Uttori Obsessions. Fashion Ok, this one is pretty obvious; after all, this is a fashion blog, right? In part, yes, but while fashion was an inspiration for me to start this blog, it’s not the sole focus of the blog, nor is it a personal all-encompassing obsession. The truth…

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    5 Date Ideas Inspired by Korean Dramas

    If you’re a long time reader of this blog, you might have noticed that I’m a fan of Korean Dramas (K-Dramas). For those not familiar with k-dramas, they are Korean television shows, typically 12-24 episodes in number. The shows focus on both historical and contemporary fictional stories. As of 2012, K-dramas, along with other Korean cultural exports, had a total value of $5.02 billion (USD). Broadcasting alone earned $2.2 billion (USD), or $213.5 billion won (KRW) in export revenue for the country. They are popular globally, with advances in streaming increasing the number of viewers. According to advertiser site Ad Age, in April 2016, the well-received Korean drama, Descendants of the Sun,…

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    An INTJ’s Top 5 Favorite Korean Dramas

    An INTJ’s Top 5 Favorite Korean Dramas So, you already know the 10 reasons I love Korean dramas, but what are some of the dramas, I as an INTJ, like? If you’re really into K-dramas, chances are you’ve seen at least one of the dramas listed here.  Even if you’ve seen them before, hopefully, you can still enjoy revisiting some of these entertaining stories. An INTJ’s top 5 favorite Korean drama list is in order, but not necessarily ordered. I don’t know that I have a favorite drama, at least I have a hard time picking just one. This list is skewed toward more light-hearted offerings, as opposed to anything overly…

  • 10 reasons an INTJ loves Korean dramas: Part 2.

    10 Reasons an INTJ loves Korean Dramas: Part 2

    Back at it with the final five reasons I love K-Dramas. If you missed part one, you can check it out here! 6. Innocence It’s always jarring to me when I switch over from my Xbox (after watching Viki) to American TV. It seems like half the shows on American TV are every iteration of crime or medical dramas, while the other half is “reality” programming. Of course, Korea has such programming too, but the focus is different. American television has turned most programming into a competition or voyeurism, whereas Korean entertainment is about entertainment, or justice, or some other values-based ideal. Also, while K-dramas have been pushing the envelope…

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  • 10 reasons an INTJ Loves Korean Dramas. Blog: Always Uttori

    10 Reasons an INTJ loves Korean Dramas: Part 1

    I’ll be honest, I don’t watch American television very often. When I do, it’s usually reality TV like Project Runway or Top Chef, not story-based TV Shows (although I do like Scandal and Flash). For story-focused TV shows, I primarily turn to British TV (Sherlock, Call the Midwife) or… Korean Dramas. I studied Japanese in high school and college, so I never expected to fall in love with Korean dramas. It all started in 2009, when a close friend (who is half Korean) introduced me to the Korean drama, You’re Beautiful (Minamisineyo). We watched the first episode together. It was cute. My friend sent me all the episodes. Happily, I…

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