Introvert Life: What to Winter Wear, Look 2

Introvert Life: What to Winter Wear, Look 2 When you're living the introvert life, winter is a great time to explore the quirky side of the INTJ female's fashion style because we just don't get out as much. In the privacy of our homes, we can "winter wear" whatever the heck we want. That's why [...]

Introvert Problems: The People Detox

Introvert Problems: The People Detox The holidays are over, but the psychic toll of so much interaction with family and friends, all vying for our time and attention, can leave lingering effects as we move into the new year. Even without the holidays, we introverts can get burned out by all the people we must [...]

Introvert and INTJ Fashion Inspiration for 2017

Introvert and INTJ Fashion Inspiration for 2017 Looking for some Introvert/INTJ fashion inspo for 2017? The following five designers have you covered for your INTJ and Introvert needs. Absorb the inspiration. Iceberg Iceberg, the Italian design house well known for knits and sportswear, has a fun comic inspired collection for fall 2017. The designs are [...]

The INTJ Mastermind Series Part 2: Mastering the Mind

Welcome back to the Always Uttori INTJ Mastermind Series, Part 2. If you missed part one, check it out here. Anyone who reads this blog knows that I often say that I'm no fan of stereotypes. However, a trait that can be applied to most INTJs is that, once you discover that you are an [...]

Why Shopping at Sephora Makes Me Want to Cry

Last week, we discussed using cognition awareness as an aspect of brand development. It's one thing to theorize that cognition awareness can be an effective strategy in branding and retailing, but if we really examine why an awareness of cognition style matters, I think the ideas first presented in “Why Isn’t Cognitive Branding a Thing?” [...]