January INTJ Challenge: Let’s Get Real!

We began this month with an exploration of newly emerging identity frameworks and how they might be used as a starting place for the annual practice of goal-setting. Identity frameworks, such as MBTI, Enneagram, Five Factor, and others are a good starting point for us to imagine the path we’d like our lives to take.

January 2018 INTJ Challenge

January 2018 INTJ Challenge: Where did 2017 go? How did we all make it through a year of such dramatic change? How are you feeling about the future? No matter how you answer those questions, the fact is that it’s almost January. Time for another year of INTJ challenges.

INTJ December 2017 Challenge

INTJ December 2017 Challenge Happy first day of December, everyone! I've been on winter break for two weeks now, and I am finally beginning to get over my jet lag from cross-continental travel.  Even so, jet-lagged or not, the blog must still be written, and the INTJ Challenge post is one of my favorite post topics. [...]

INTJ November 2017 Challenge

INTJ November 2017 Challenge Another month has gone by, and that means it’s time for another INTJ challenge. Last month’s challenge was to expand your world by getting to know someone you find difficult to read or understand. And let me say, it's quite the challenge for INTJs. With introverted Intuition, INTJs often get emotional [...]

INTJ October 2017 Challenge

  Can you believe it's already time for the INTJ October 2017 Challenge? Summer seemed to fly by, and now it's back to the grindstone of work, school, life. If you've been especially busy,  September's self-care challenge may have been a needed pause in a fast-forward life. So, the question of the day: How did September’s [...]

Always Uttori INTJ June Challenge

Always Uttori INTJ June Challenge It’s almost June and that means it’s time for the Always Uttori INTJ June Challenge! In May, I challenged you to find an inspirational place. How did the challenge go for you? Where did you find inspiration? For me, I found unexpected inspiration on a hike through Kadoorie Farm, which [...]