Introvert Life – New Year’s Fashion Look 5

I hope everyone had a great Christmas (if you celebrate it). Today’s New Year's Eve look calls back to the glamor of old Hollywood. The main inspiration was from Burberry’s Winter 2017 fashion show. Burberry highlighted dark colors, metallics, wools, and heavy patterns and textures. I tried to recreate this look, with clothes I already [...]

5 Last Minute Christmas Gifts from Pinterest

Christmas is this Sunday! Which means it’s now or never to get last minutes gifts. But as an introvert, who really wants to jump into the fray with loads of others finishing up their holiday shopping? These quick and easy gifts have you covered. Fruit Wreath All you need is your fruit of choice and [...]

Introvert Life – Christmas Fashion Look 3

Today’s holiday look is the epitome of Christmas to me. We typically associate red and green with Christmas but, for me, this white and gold combo brings out the heart of Christmas. The white reflects the golden Christmas lights, or am I getting too poetic? Anyway, putting a sheer skirt under a solid colored dress [...]

Introvert Life New Year’s Fashion Look 3

Whoever said black can’t be festive? Today’s New Year’s look proves it’s all about perception. Black is chic, classic, sharp, and an INTJ favorite. This is definitely how I would want to ring in the New Year, although PJs are more likely. Regardless, this outfit not only works for New Year’s, but for many other [...]

Introvert Life: 4 Quick and Easy DIY Gifts

Introvert Life: 4 Quick and Easy DIY Gifts Hey, Femme Dangels, we’re back with 4 D-I-Y projects that you can make for yourself, or give as gifts to your friends this holiday season. I've been watching Youtube, and trolling Pinterest for ideas and, while I applaud all of the talented crafters out there, it's not me. [...]

INTJ Principles of the Holidays

As much as we like to perpetuate our grumpy cat stereotype, INTJs are not, in fact, always grumpy cats.  Instead, we straddle the paradox (yes, another paradox) of being rule breakers, but also traditionalists. This is because INTJs are both rational and creative. We don’t break rules for the sake of breaking rules, we only break rules [...]