2017 May Reading List: Fantasy/Sci-Fi

2017 May Reading List: Fantasy/Sci-Fi We've been focused on nurturing the creative side or, for another way of putting it, indulging the INTJ intuition with a bit of the fantastic—all of which just means that it's time for our 2017 May Reading List: Fantasy/Sci-Fi. This month’s genre is fantasy and sci-fi, with many of the [...]

Always Uttori: An INTJ Guide to the Hottest Guys on Instagram

Hey, single ladies! Rather than wasting time dreading Valentine's Day, or wishing you were partnered up, lets instead enjoy the fact that we are single. Being single is not all that uncommon anymore. According to a 2014 Pew Research study, the share of never married adults is at a record high in the U.S.. So, [...]